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 Cat From /error

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PostSubject: Cat From /error   Cat From /error I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2014 6:59 am

Name: Cat (Short for catastrophe. Real Name Undisclosed.)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Cat is playful, erratic, and oftentimes downright overexcited; in other words, not what you would normally expect one of the elite members of an underground rebel group to be. Her enthusiasm however, is not nearly so much of a disruption as one might think, as /error has found a truly perfect niche for her. She is the leader of the counter-propaganda unit, and damn proud of it. With paint, station hacking, and the occasional rave-party-ification of a corporate headquarters, she is determined to bring new life and new motivation to a world starved for creation, and deprived of freedom. She is the uncatchable, unmatchable face of /error, and she will get the public's attention by any means necessary... which is why she was assigned with blank, who keeps her at least somewhat in check.

Cat From /error Tumblr11

Skills: Cat is an accomplished (And enthusiastic) free-runner, which aided by her modifications, allows her to effectively and consistently beat all manners of pursuit. She is a prolific (If not exceptionally neat) painter, and a rather effective speaker, as aided by her public broadcast practice.

Modifications: Cat has a lot more modification than most people, primarily due to her determination to do things that rather consistently break bones and such. She has reinforcements on all of her limbs and organs, including alloy mesh reinforcement around her joints (Which allows her to do things like fall six stories to the ground and then run away with only a large amount of bruising.) As well as muscle mods which allow her to run faster and jump higher than pretty much anyone else around her. The issue with all this internal tech however is that Cat requires fairly regular maintenance. Luckily for her, she has a biomechnic for a friend.

Tech:Cat is a true believer in being prepared. For her this means things like 'float' boosters in her clothes, compact assault rifles in her pockets, and at least one flash grenade per-hand. If Blank didn't dutifully cover all of her rather elaborate purchases, there would likely be a great deal of grumbling about how much equipping her costs, especialy when one has to do it off the record.

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Cat From /error
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