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PostSubject: Blank From /error   Blank From /error I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2014 6:35 am

Name: Blank (Real name unknown.)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Blank subscribes very heavily to the idea of speaking softly and carrying a big stick; indeed, he is so soft spoken in normal life that one might reasonably think that he was mute. When speaking about his passions, or carrying out a plan however, he is anything but, acting precisely and effectively to solve whatever problem is thrown at him. An introvert by nature, Blank is shockingly passionate about both music and artistic expression, feeling that these things are the only remaining refuge of humanity, from the prison it has created for itself. He may often seem cold, but if you start talking to him about how to code around a firewall he will gladly talk your ear off for hours; and this holds true for art critique and such as well. He's a bit of an odd guy, but one thing you can be sure of is that he will absolutely not stop until his goal is reached, be it a case of corporate sabotage, or getting a line of code to compile.

Blank From /error Tumblr10

Skills: Blank is an extremely gifted coder and hacker, having practiced since he was extremely small. He is a skilled violinist, and painter as well, though his tastes tend to lean farther in the direction of music. He is also one of the few people proficient in using Hard Light projections in personal combat situations, making him deceptively dangerous.

Modifications: Though he looks more or less unmodified Blank has a very large number of modifications, due primarily to a catastrophic amount of prior damage to his body. Both of his eyes are mechanical, as is a good portion of his spine and both legs below the hip. Fortunately for his anonymity, but unfortunately for his day-to-day convenience, these mods are completely unregistered, and thus completely illegal. He also has a latest-spec REZ and a vast number of sub-dermal implants that allow him to control and shape his hard light projections with extreme accuracy. Unfortunately, this often causes a large amount of electrical 'noise' which, for better or worse, tends to knock out most delicate technology around him.

Tech: Blank has a number of hard light projectors on him at all times, including some of the micro variety, which are usually very very very illegal for civilians to have, given their possible devastating combat effectiveness. He also has a third generation 'cloak' which is undetectable outside of an electromagnetic scan. This is primarily a caution against his implants setting off every alarm known to man any time he enters an official building. He also carries the basic programmer's 'kit'.

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Blank From /error
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