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PostSubject: Pearl Carson From Hell On Earth   Pearl Carson From Hell On Earth I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 11:58 pm

[The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary...]


Name: Pearl Carson

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student and gymnast.

Personality: Pearl would be a great leader, a champion gymnast, and maybe even a motivational speaker if she weren't also extremely anti-establishment. It was instilled in her from a young age (By her activist parents) that if she thought something wasn't reasonable, she should fight against it. Unfortunately, she tends to take it a little too far. She has turned down a number of jobs, and as many potential suitors, because, as well liked as she may be by her peers, she is always sure that someone is trying to hold her back. That said, she isn't a paranoid person, just a bit oversensitive sometimes. In most situations, she is quite pleasant, enjoying the company of others, and employing her otherwise dormant protective streak.

Appearance: Pearl is of medium height, lean (Free-running will do that), and fairly tanned from being outside most of the time. She has very bright green eyes, and black hair. She tends to wear fairly tight fitting clothing, that allows her a full range of motion, without getting in her way. She is a fan of primary colors, but she tends not to dress in green or orange, which she doesn't like. Her hair is usually tied up in a ponytail.

Will Profile

Name: Orion's Belt
Stage: Hatched
Form: A red and blue checkered belt with a clock-shaped buckle.
Personality: N/A



Wielder skills: Not a very fast runner, but with superior endurance and agility. Really hasn't gotten into many fights, but, then again, most people don't really want to chase someone who can climb up a fence, jump and roll off it, and be somewhere else before they can even catch up. The cops are also not fans.

Will Skills: [If applicable, If not; N/A]


Knowledge base: Big fan of old cartoons and star-wars, otherwise, not much. Played a round of tribes occasionally before the rips began to form, now she plays a whole lot more.

Infection type: N/A

History: Pearl was always a rebellious child. This was not discouraged by her parents, it was, if anything, amplified. She had moved schools at least four times by the time she reached high-school, because she had a habit of skipping class, and, in the case of one elementary school, literally making the staff chase her around the playground for two hours. Of course, as she grew older, she also realized that even rebellion has limits of logic, and she settled down a bit. Still, don't try to get into a political debate with her.


[It's time to do it now and do it loud, killjoys, make some noise!]

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Pearl Carson From Hell On Earth
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