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 Jeremiah Mazlow from Hell on Earth

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PostSubject: Jeremiah Mazlow from Hell on Earth   Jeremiah Mazlow from Hell on Earth I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 10:56 pm

[My head won't leave my head alone]
Name: Jeremiah Mazlow
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mechanic

Personality: Don't call him Jerry. Don't fucking do it. Don't call him "Miah" either, if you value your existence at all. Whereas his coworker there is willing to be like "Hey, would you mind not calling me that?", Jeremiah is far more inclined to bash your face into a fucking wall. From birth to present date he has not once had time for bullshit. This has made him a very efficient worker, given him an incredibly high level of focus, and removed almost all aspects of laziness from his personality. It has also made him temperamental, rude, and violent. It's not impossible to earn his respect and thus give yourself a sort of buffer from his outbursts, but it's damn hard to earn.

He has a soft spot for people who are trying their best and will almost always help someone if they're trying to improve a skill or some other such thing. He has a hard time letting himself get attached to other people and/or things, so even if you've appealed to his soft spot you aren't exempt from him being snappy and harsh. His method of "Teaching" goes something like:
"Can you dodge a bullet?"
", that's-"
*shoots you in the foot*
"Can you dodge a bullet?"
*process repeats until you successfully avoid a bullet*

Side note: He is not a morning person and is completely unapproachable until he's had 2 or more cups of coffee.

Appearance: 6'3'', very skinny. Blond hair, usually drawn back into a ponytail. Comes down to the small of his back. Has a small patch of beard (sort of a cross between a "soul patch" and a goatee). Right eyebrow and ears pierced. Ice blue eyes. Shirts and pants look way too big for him because he's essentially a fucking corpse (not his fault actually, high metabolisms are a blessing and a curse). Always wearing a watch.

Will Profile
Name: Lodestone Treads
Stage: Hatched
Form: Generally stored as twin black bracelets, or ankle-bands, depending on their last use. When activated, The treads form around Jeremiah's feet, or hands. On his hands, they look a lot like thin armor gauntlets, black, and with small spikes lining the fingers. On his feet, they mirror whatever type of shoe he's in, albeit black, and with spikes running up from the toe.
Personality: N/A


Wielder skills: Very fast, very precise, not necessarily very strong. Brute force is less his thing. It's more like...
*somebody throws punch*
*that person's legs are suddenly lot under them and a boot just connected with their ribs, knocking the breath out of them*
Will Skills: N/A

Knowledge base: None right now.
Infection type: N/A
History: He doesn't really like to talk about it. It happened, it's done. It involved an alcoholic father, an abusive drug-addict mother, and a lot of self-raising.
[When you live with apes, man it's hard to be clean]
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Jeremiah Mazlow from Hell on Earth
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