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PostSubject: Quincy Abbot From Hell On earth   Quincy Abbot From Hell On earth I_icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 11:16 pm

Now you think your hot stuff, on the miracle mile, gonna take us all down with your hate and your bile...




Name: Quincy James Abbot

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student/Digital security manger.

Personality: Quincy is outgoing, friendly, and absolutely ferocious. Growing up the youngest in a family of twelve has given him both a strong sense of cynicism, and an ambitious streak so wide that it could topple a CEO right off his high horse. Quincy isn't a bad person per-se, but if you get in the way of his goals he will trample you. That said, when you aren't in opposition, having Quincy as a friend is an excellent (If sometimes trying) experience. On a deeper level, Quincy has some self-confidence issues that make it very hard for him to be happy. He had adapted to this by completely bluffing his way through any situation that happens to ail him. What he cant bluff through, he will plow straight into with all the force he can.


Quincy Abbot From Hell On earth Hate_i10


Will Profile


Name: Dabble the Grue

Stage: Hatched

Form: Dabble appears as a small fluffy thing with black fur, and four tiny yellow eyes. It doesn't seem to have a mouth or limbs, but it is obscenely fast. It seems to dislike the light. On occasion, a rather over-sized black tongue will protrude from the fluff, often to retrieve food.

Personality: Apart from enjoying snuggling and small dark places, Dabble has not yet developed much personality.






Wielder skills: Quincy has little athletic ability, but is extremely intelligent, with a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of topics that interest him. He is an accomplished programmer, and an avid gamer.

Will Skills: Dabble is currently very good at balancing on Quincy's head, but not a great deal more.




Knowledge base: Lol, Guild Wars 2, Tribes: Ascend, terraria, A lot of goddamned games; assume he's played it unless otherwise noted. Homestuck, John dies at the end, metal, dub-step, lot's of anime. OK, to be honest, he really does nothing but code and entertain himself.

Infection type: N/A

History: Grew up in a huge family, felt rather unloved, then, disowned by father, ended up making a living by hacking things, got arrested, nothing could be proven, went to work for a major software company, which has now ended up directly in the middle of the the John dies at the end area of the city. Quincy hasn't had great luck.


...But the truth is much darker, cause you're wrong and you're vile, You're nothing but the spark 'lights my kerosene smile...

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