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PostSubject: Denizen Pod Collectively from Titanstuck   Denizen Pod Collectively from Titanstuck I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 12:29 am

Designation: Belphegor
Gender: Male
Title: Theif Of Breath
Threat level: Extreme Minimal
Notes: Belphegor should be terminated immediately. I have had ten members of staff incapacitated in the last week, and the escape attempts aren't getting any less destructive. Situation resolved. [Supervisor's note: Good, well that's solved then. I commend you for your inventiveness.]

Designation: Lucifer
Gender: Male
Title: Page of Rage
Threat level: Minimal Extreme
Notes: Well i'm not sure how he managed to survive the first few matches, but i sincerely doubt he will be losing any of them now. If we could get him under control then i would say he is ready for field testing. Unfortunately, our re-education efforts are completely reversed every time he uses his powers. [Supervisor's note: Wait really? That being the case, we may need to look into the possibilaty that the rage aspect is even more dangerous than we originaly realised.] [Supervisor note: The Rage aspect is much much more dangerous than we originaly realised. This likely should have been found sooner, but with Despair under sedation we couldn't very well do the tests nessasary.]

Designation: Leviathan [The beast that will consume the world. I guess babel was feeling poetic.]
Gender: Female
Title: Theif Of Heart
Threat level: Extreme None.
Notes: Leviathan has managed not only to get past nearly every layer of security, but has somehow gotten her confiscated items back. Termination is the obvious choice. Leviathan is to be treated as a probationary member of staff. She has requested to continue arena participation. Conclusion: Helpfull, but sick. [Supervisor's note: We need to find more disposable opponents for Leviathan. If she keeps going through pods like she has been, we are going to need to start an entire new procurement cycle. Also, if someone could find some way to make her wear more clothing that would be reassuring, seeing as half of her seems to have spiky metal sticking out.]

Designation: Aamon
Gender: Male
Title: Prince Of Space
Threat level: Moderate
Notes: Dangerous but cooperative. [Supervisor's note: Ammon is almost unsettlingly easy to deal with. It seems someone may have re-educated him before he got here. I want someone to look into that.]

Designation: Asmodeus
Gender: Female
Title: Sylph of Void
Threat level: Minimal High
Notes: For a healing class, Asmodeus is rather interestingly good at killing things. [Supervisor's note: You seem to be right. Reviewing the footage, i was a bit surprised. Well they do say you should watch out for the quiet ones.] {Stop making puns in official documents or i will have you destroyed.} [Supervisor's Note: Understood, I apologise great one.]

Designation: Mammon
Gender: Female
Title: Rouge Of Doom
Threat level: High Minimal
Notes: If and when mammon becomes able to utilise her power, I forsee extreme difficulties. Well, on the plus side, we no longer need to worry about Mammon. [Supervisor's note: This is why I told you not to expose any more subjects to Delerium. Asleep, awake, whatever, the result is always the same. This is not an acceptable pacification method. We don't need subjects that can't reason, much less fight.]

Designation: Baal
Gender: Male
Title: Lord of Light
Threat level: Extreme High
Notes: Well, he's no Despair, but im still suggesting termination. That goes for lords and muses in general frankly. [Supervisor's Note: We have had this discussion, the answer remains the same. In any case, leviathan seems to have this well in hand. Honestly im not sure if she used her abilaties or not. I suspect that Baal is just attracted to her.] [That seems...dangerous.] [Supervisor's note: Yes. I almost feel sorry for him.]

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