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PostSubject: Plague Pod Collectively from Titanstuck   Plague Pod Collectively from Titanstuck I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 12:37 am

Designation: Buboes
Gender: Male
Title: Thief of Life
Threat level: Extreme High - Chipped and collared out of necessity.

Notes: Do not come in direct contact with Subject Buboes. Subject can rot living material when he is touching it. Subject is capable of lowering an individual's overall resistance to disease and injury. Has been known to rapidly and severely rot plant life without coming in contact with the plant. [Supervisor's note: This may not seem like such a concern, but if Subject Buboes learns to develop this particular skill enough, I fear he may learn to rot flesh without having to touch it.]

Designation: Variola
Gender: Male
Title: Mage of Breath
Threat level: High - Subject has been chipped for safety purposes.
Notes: Being near Subject Variola may result in extreme difficulty breathing. Subject can essentially "mute" a room, removing all sound from the environment. Subject can manipulate sound in multiple ways, increasing and decreasing volume amongst other potentially harmful things. Subject can change voice at will, but not for very long.

* Although it is an extremely strenuous task for Subject Variola, he is capable of rendering individuals unconscious for 10-15 minutes at a time. We assume this is due to his ability to increase air pressure. Subject can't do this all that many times in a row, however. It is advised that more than one staff be sent to deal with Subject Variola.

Designation: Typhus
Gender: Male
Title: Prince of Mind
Threat level: Extreme

Notes: Subject Typhus can destroy the ability to concentrate/think in fairly large groups of people. Subject may cause headaches, some of which can turn into migraines that last for several weeks at a time. Subject Typhus has been known to cause moderate to severe seizures in a targeted individual on rare occasion. It is recommended that more than one staff be sent to deal with Subject Typhus.

Designation: Grippe
Gender: Female
Title: Rogue of Doom
Threat level: High - Extreme

Notes: Do not engage in any type of battle with subject Grippe outside of the arena. Subdue and isolate subject as quickly as possible. Subject Grippe can lessen the impact of damage inflicted upon her while increasing the impact of damage dealt by her team mates. [Supervisor's note: Subject Grippe is twice as dangerous as her attacker at all times as long as she is in a group. Without the presence of team mates, her damage potential is lowered. It is suggested that she participate in group battles rather than one vs. one battles.]

Designation: Rubella
Gender: Male
Title: Heir of Time
Threat level: Average

Notes: When being attacked, Subject Rubella's aspect activates and slows the attack for a short amount of time, allowing Subject Rubella to react. While this is can be effective in the arena, it is less threatening to us. [Supervisor's note: I would suggest leading your shot when attempting to subdue Subject Rubella.]

Designation: Ebola
Gender: Male
Title: Bard of Doom
Threat level: Maximum Extreme

Notes:  DO NOT ENGAGE IN COMBAT WITH SUBJECT EBOLA. PERIOD. In all combat situations, subject's damage output is sharply increased. Subject Ebola may cause extreme depression in individuals. Any staff that come in prolonged contact with Subject Ebola (i.e. restraint) should undergo a brief psych evaluation to prevent unnecessary loss of good staff.
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