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PostSubject: Virtue Pod Collectively from Titanstuck   Virtue Pod Collectively from Titanstuck I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 11:51 pm

Designation: Humility
Gender: Male
Title: Knight Of Heart
Threat Level: Minimal
Notes: Humility is unlikely to be a serious security risk. While he has the potential for power, his overprotectiveness, especially towards the female members of his pod make him entertainingly easy to control. [Supervisor's note: So, chivalry isn't dead after all. still, i've seen this dumb-{Explicative removed, Really supervisor? This is an official document!} Get slapped at least three times.]

Designation: Kindness [I think babel is making fun of us. Make sure she is still under control.]
Gender: Female
Title: Sylph of Life
Threat level: Low (Potentialy High)
Notes: The sheer number of assults that this subject is responsible for, both in her own pod, and upon our staff, is staggering. She isn't too hard to deal with now but by the overseers, if she figures out that she can use her powers for something other than ressacuating her team-mates she is going to become a nightmare. [Supervisor's note: I agree with you for once. In any case, she did put on quite a nice first match. For the record, babel is still in full stasis, no signs of escape. Honestly, i think she just gets bored.] [Additional supervisor's note: Yes I know she isn't supposed to have enough thought left to get bored, that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Look at what happened with Delirium.]

Designation: Patience
Gender: Male
Title: Heir Of Space
Threat Level: High
Notes: Anyone who can walk through walls should be terminated immediately. Why this request has not been met with resounding positive feedback I fail to understand. [Supervisor's note: well, he hasn't tried to escape yet, so I'm not authorising it. As long as we keep Diligence in the pod, i'm fairly sure that he will follow suit.]

Designation: Diligence
Gender: Female
Title: Maid Of Light
Threat Level: Low (Potentialy Average)
Notes: Diligence is not a serious threat, unless accompanied by one of her more directly powerfull pod-mates. This said, her consistant plotting with patience is somewhat worrying. Precautions should be taken. [Supervisor's note: Noted, so to speak. She's been chipped, so we shouldn't have any issues. Worst case scenaio, we let Leviathan give her the BFR treatment. Im sure she would be happy to oblige.]

Designation: Charity
Gender: Male
Title: Mage Of Blood
Threat Level: Minimal (Potentialy high)
Notes: Well apart from the possible sitewide uprising i imagine he could incite given the right resources, he's nothing to worry about. [Supervisors note: I do not appreciate sarcasm unless I've authorised it Commander, but your point is noted.]

Designation: Temperance [I want babel checked again. I don't care, just do it.]
Gender: Female
Title: Theif of Mind
Threat Level: Extreme
Notes: If, Overseers fobid, Mnemosyne Manages to meet up with this {I expected better of you commander.} [Apologies Great one] Then i'm not sure anything less than complete destruction of their pods would be sufficient, as far as damage control. [Supervisors note: It does seem that the unstable ones end up with this sort of role a lot doesn't it? I want a research team on it.]

Designation: Chastity
Gender: Male
Title: Page Of Time
Threat Level: Minimal
Notes: Well at least this one isn't much of an issue. [Supervisor note: so seven total then.]

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