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PostSubject: Fernus Agate From Gemstuck   Fernus Agate From Gemstuck I_icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2015 2:52 pm

Name: Fernus "Fern" Agate

Gender: Male

Blood Color: Rust

Gem Type: Fernus's Gem is a Fire Agate, which is centered on his forehead, meeting up with his hairline.

Weapons: Fernus's weapons are two full-arm gauntlets. Vents all across the gauntlets can project force and heat/flame. This allows Flare a sort of limited flight capability, even without using his telekinetic abilities, as he can use his weapons as an impromptu jet-pack if required. The most common use of the gauntlets is to multiply the force of blows, and to incinerate his opponents.

Known Fusions:
Likely Not For a Long Ass Time:

Appearance: Fernus looks like he is going to a formal event pretty much all the time. He is rarely wearing something that could not be classified as a suit, a fact that Some people (Onyx) tease him about mercilessly. His horns are small, but prominent, jutting out from his temples. They split into four tines each, giving the impression of a half crown or a couple of dinner forks depending who you ask. Due to the placement of his gem and horns, and their tendency to become superheated in some situations, he does not wear hats, though he would very much like to. He wears his hair short, more to avoid having to untangle it from his horns than anything else. Outside of these characteristics he looks relatively normal by troll standards, though with a slightly rosier complexion than might otherwise be normal.

Personality: Fernus is a fairly textbook example of someone who means well, but is very bad at dealing with other people. Saddled with some fairly deep-rooted issues, a great deal of Fernus's time is spent trying to reconcile the dichotomy of the person he would like to be, and the instinct that his troll genealogy entails. The result is a person who is both hyper-aware of himself, and almost constantly frustrated. From an outside perspective, that  frustration makes him seem high strung, to the point of it resembling neurosis, which can make it very difficult to get along with him. The few exceptions who manage not only to tolerate his consistent fussing, but consider him a friend find that his blend of issues also fosters some positive qualities, including unshakable loyalty, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his friends. He is a bit of a mess, but he is a good mess to have on your side in a pinch; plus, if you ever need someone to look like an official of some sort, he is a rather good actor.

History: To be revealed. Ask about him if you are interested.

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