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PostSubject: Obsidian from Gemstuck   Obsidian from Gemstuck I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 2:06 am

Name: Obsidian

Appearance: Obsidian is a tall powerfully built gem with some interesting shape language. His hair is short, and fiery red, with the occasional line of black going through. His eyes, while fairly normal, albeit with flickering flame-like patterns radiating from the irises, fill with molten colors and glow fiercely when he is irritated. His gem is an inward facing pyramid shape, centered on the back of his skull (And indeed seemingly encased mostly within it) with two jutting prongs of jet-black material protruding like horns from the back of his head. While he is usually wearing a (Very very soft) deep red suit, sans tie, attempts to harm him will teach the unfortunate assailant very quickly that armor hides within. He glows a fair bit in relation to his emotions, though the type of glow depends very much upon what he is feeling. A good rule of thumb however is that if lava is swirling up from somewhere and dripping down his personage, it is time to get the fuck out. On a perhaps not unrelated note, Obsidian is always warm to the touch, and when he is not choosing to be spiky, he makes a great pillow.

Personality: With both a royal demeanor and uncompromising dedication to practicality and progress, Obsidian is a powerhouse of direct thought and action... he is also absolutely awful at dealing and interacting with other people. His staunch inability to read the mood, and further absence of anything approaching a standard moral compass can result in him being exceedingly callous and mean-spirited, all in the name of a better end result. Unfortunately, Obsidian plans for a perfect world, and doesn't live in one, so he often end up burning everything down around himself (Both metaphorically and literally) for the sake of even the smallest goal. That said, despite his destructive tendencies, Obsidian is a relentless force of care and loyalty to those he feels deserve it. He also sometimes goes into philosophical rants about the placement of ceiling tiles sometimes.

Gem Type: Obsidian, Embedded mostly in his head, with two large 'horns' jutting out of the back of his skull.

Weapon: Molten rock, and black fire. Obsidian is able to shape and weaponize both his own black flames, and the environment around him, turning his surroundings into a molten hell-scape at a moments notice. He usually does not do this however as it tends to cause as many problems for his allies as his enemies.

Known Fusions: Neptunite.

History: Obsidian was one of the first wave of gems to arrive on Volcifer. He was one of the captains of the clearing unit, which pushed back against the powerful and dangerous creatures of the newly colonized planet. For a couple thousand years he worked to keep the colony safe, until a superior's carelessness led to the deaths of most of his compatriots.

After the entire incident was officially named as an unfortunate coincidence, and a series of accidents, Obsidian left for the wilds, and has been there since. Occasionally coming into the colonies that he once helped establish, Obsidian came across Azurite, a gem who struck him as interesting.

Since then, the two have become close and Obsidian has grudgingly begun to re-enter society. Granted, society would probably prefer that he did not, but that's too bad. The Vocanus is back, and he is ready to make the world a more interesting place.

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