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PostSubject: Onyx Vasaal from Gemstuck   Onyx Vasaal from Gemstuck I_icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2015 3:48 pm

Name: Onyx Vasaal

Gender: Female

Blood Color: Violet

Gem Type: Vitreous Onyx

Weapons: Onyx's power comes from her weapon's adaptability. She wields what she affectionately calls "Blocks". More specifically, she is able to produce and manipulate dense black masses of reflective stone. Much to her chagrin, she cannot produce anything with curved surfaces, but seems to be restricted to right right angles. This is not much comfort to her opponents however, who find that going up against someone who is both a shield wall and a living artillery barrage is not much fun. Her main failing is that despite her highly developed defensive capabilities, if an enemy gets through her shield, she has very little recourse.

Known Fusions:
Likely Not For a Long Ass Time:

Appearance: The first thing one is likely to notice about Onyx is that she is large. Even for someone produced from near-royal stock, she is a bit above average, measuring at almost seven feet tall. She is quite happy with that fact, especially since it gives makes her even more imposing than she might otherwise appear. She tends to wear muted colors, and very functional clothes, sharing the trolls ideal that fashion is stupid; but makes an exception where her hair is concerned. She has a lot of hair, nearly six and a half feet of it in fact, keeping her bangs long enough to cover most of the top half of her face. Her horns are large and curved, resembling a gazelle's. They come up from her forehead and add a good two and a half feet to her profile. She would like this more if it didn't make doorways a constant hazard.

Personality: Onyx, on a day to day basis, is ferocious, overbearing, and probably unreasonably aggressive. She is powerful, imposing and produces enough primal fear in most things to make sure they give her a wide berth. She is also cripplingly lonely and depressed; though lately, that has seen some change.

One of the first true second era hybrids, Onyx was one of the test-cases for creating hybrids with near-royal blood. She was ultimately a success in all the ways that the trolls desired, but being essentially little more than a cannon to point at any enemies, she was mostly left to her own devices.

She found out very quickly that few trolls and even fewer gems would dare to even so much as speak to her, unless prompted. This was a triumph for her sovereignty, but left her bitter. More and more, her determination that she was invincible led her to alienation. She trained incessantly, challenging opponents from every background. Each time, she found herself disappointed.

She began to resent her own need for companionship, burying it in fury and battle. Then she was fought to a draw. Her opponent was another hybrid, a relatively average gem and troll alike by all accounts but somehow, he broke through her deference. It was a fluke, an accidental blow to the joint of two blocks, but nonetheless, her opponent broke through and managed to land the first punch that she had ever experienced. At the time, she vowed to crush him into a paste, but come the next day, she forced him to start training instead.

She had decided, fluke or no fluke, she was going to make herself a rival. It took longer than she would have liked, and in their occasional duels, she handily destroyed him on a consistent basis, until one day, in a move that she somewhat surprised herself with, she demanded that he become her personal bodyguard and her friend, which, once he had managed to reform himself, he agreed to.

Onyx is still completely unsure about how she feels about the whole friendship thing, but she feels that it is pretty nice so far.

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