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PostSubject: Mark Guide   Mark Guide I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 7:59 pm

Marks are not all the same. There are different types, tiers and classifications.

The types are as follows:

PHI- Marks that have a known physical effect on already existing matter. Examples of this are things like telekinesis and gravity manipulation.

CON- Marks that create or otherwise impact matter or energy not already in existence. Examples include pyrokinesis and energy throwers.

TRS- Marks that transform or alter matter or energy, but do not create or destroy it. Examples include shifters and "Airwalkers"

CHM- Marks that create, destroy, alter or consume things on a chemical level. Examples include 'chemists' And 'midas' varieties. Without exception considered to be extremely dangerous.

RLT- Marks that defy not only the base laws of physics, but the most basic concepts of reality. Usually tier 1, and unaware of their abilities. Higher tiers however... can be a problem. No examples provided.

The tiers are as follows:

Tier 1- A tier 1 is classified as any marked unable to purposely or accidentally create an effect that dramatically alters energy, matter, chemistry, or reality. They are generally considered harmless, and tend to be targeted by the hunters wherever possible.

Tier 2- A tier 2 is classified as any marked able to either purposefully control their ability, in order to create some physical change, or else, someone unable to control their power, who tends to produce some physical effect that is not harmful. This is the most common tier.

Tier 3- A tier 3 is classified as a Marked who is either able to control their ability, and produce a large scale, or powerful effect on physics, chemistry, energy or matter, or else, someone who cannot control their power, and tends to produce a powerful, or moderately powerful change or effect around themselves or others. tier threes tend to be left alone by all but the most desperate or confident hunters.

Tier 4- A tier 4 is classified as a marked able to either control their own power, and create an effect that has the potential to kill or seriously injure another person or persons, or otherwise destroy property, alter physical laws, or energy, or else, a marked unable to control their power who can do much the same.

Tier 5- Considered to be massively dangerous no matter their exact power. Tier 5 denotes a marked capable of creating either widespread destruction, permanently altering physical laws, or demonstrating the capability to singlehandedly obliterate any force of humanity pitted against them.

Tier 6- Theoretical.

The Classifications are as follows:

Thought- Marks that have not been able to purposely use their abilities. Their mark remains a single tattoo of an eye on the back of their dominant hands.

Known- Marks that have used their powers have different marks. These marks tend to be personal, and different for each person. They do not necessarily represent the power directly, but rather something about the person, or their experience with their power.

Understood- Marks proficient enough with their powers are able to change the location of their mark, but not disperse it.

Enlightened- Those proficient enough to completely hide their mark. Note that this does not work while they are using their power.

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Mark Guide
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