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 Mark Eversons

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PostSubject: Mark Eversons   Mark Eversons I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 6:32 am

Name: Mark Eversons

Titles: N/A (Jokingly 'The Vibrator' Because his friend is an asshole.)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearence: Mark is a tall, fairly lanky guy, with black hair and strikingly gren eyes. He is fairly pale due to not getting much sun, and he seems somewhat uncomfortable any time he isn't looking at a screen or a canvas. He tends to wear jeans and t shirts with funny things writen on them on a near constant basis, whether or not anyone else is around.

Personality: Mark is pretty aquard. Were he more social, he would likely be known as a nice, if somewhat eisily aggrivated person. He is often quite argumentative, but given his tendency to start inserting utterly irrelivent bits of information into conversations, his arguments tend to be more someone else laughing and him fuming about it. All that said, He is a decent guy, if a bit of a dick sometimes.

Natural Abilaties: Mark is extremely good at all things technichal, be they fixing a car, or dealing with computers, this said, he's also kind of lazy.

Power(s): Mark has the power to cause things to vibrate at seemingly any speed, though things tend to break before they get to far up in speed. He hasn't bothered trying to do much with it, primarily because he has heard so many jokes that he never wants to think about it again.

History: Also not yesterday.

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Mark Eversons
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