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 Character Guide

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PostSubject: Character Guide   Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:51 am


Stats are rated on a scale of 1-100 and are bought via points. To earn points you must complete quests and "rank up" accordingly. Experience points are tracked by the DM and you as a character don't need to worry about them.
You have 150 points to start out with and can split them between your stats as you see fit. You can also convert some of your HP into stat points.

Strength - How physically strong your character is. Higher Strength means higher damage, but be warned: There will always be something out there stronger than you, so don't rely on this alone.

Speed - How quickly your character can move and dodge. When Strength fails you, running is the next best thing. This might be a good thing to put your points into! *hint*

Luck - With every roll to see how much damage you do, you can ask for a "Luck Bonus". This means the DM rolls a 10 sided die and if you succeed, your points determine your bonus.
1-10: No bonus
11-20: +1
21-30: +2
31-40: +3
41-50: +4
51-60: +5, -5 from enemy
61-70: +6, -6 from enemy
71-80: +7, -7 from enemy
81-90: +8, -8 from enemy
91-100: Damage doubled, enemy auto-fails 1 luck roll

Perception - Your Perception is what determines who attacks first, if you step into that trap or not, and helps with any other activity where you need to know first. The higher your skill, the more effective your Perception checks are.
1-10: You fail completely.
11-20: You get the feeling something is watching you.
21-30: You saw something move, you're sure of it...
31-40: You can tell which direction they went and whether or not they are hostile.
41-50: You know their intentions on the 2nd turn and can follow enemies for up to 5 turns.
51-60: You sense their intentions right away and can follow your enemies for up to 10 turns.
61-70: You can now sense the presence of hostile NPCs 2 turns before they become visible and spot them faster than before.
71-80: You can now sense the presence of neutral NPCs 2 turns before they become visible and spot them faster than before. You can also use the "LOOK CLOSELY" perk, allowing you to pick up extra details about the area or NPC.
81-90: You can now detect any NPC 2 turns before they become visible and get a speed bonus of +4 for reaction time.
91-100: You can now detect any NPC 4 turns before they become visible, get a speed bonus of +8 for reaction time and successful perception checks during conversation allow you to use PERSUASION, BRIBERY or INTIMIDATION.

Imagination - A vivid imagination can allow you to draw power from the White Void, creating desirable effects if used right. Be careful! Attempting a high-level Imagination action can also backfire, leaving you with an unpredictable and always unfortunate effect!
1-10: What are you doing? Great, now you're a rabbit.
11-20: Wouldn't it be awesome if you had some food, basic medical supplies or painkillers right now? You can now summon these three things.
21-30: You can conjure up more powerful medical supplies to heal Medium-Level wounds and can also imagine small amounts of drugs to cut craving effects in half.
31-40: You're getting better at this! Now you can get larger amounts of drugs, alter an NPCs opinion very slightly and give yourself a +2 bonus to any stat for 3 turns!
41-50: You've got this. You can alter an NPC from Hostile to Neutral or Neutral to Hostile and now you can summon up melee weapons!
51-60: Got bored with making pointy dagger-type things, eh? Good news: Now you can conjure up guns (without ammo, unfortunately) and weaken an NPC attack.
61-70: You can now put an NPC at a decided disadvantage by imagining away 1 piece of their protective gear as well as imagine SIGNIFICANT WOUNDS shut.
71-80: Once a day you can disarm an enemy by imagining their weapon elsewhere.
81-90: Once a day you can switch weapons with an enemy.
91-100: Once a day you can teleport yourself anywhere in your current plane OR turn a hostile enemy Friendly OR fully restore either HP, CRAVINGS or WITHDRAWAL.

Determination - You are gonna do this if it fucking kills you! Which it might. This is the equivalent of endurance and it determines how long you can fight and how well you can fight when you've taken damage. At really high levels you can ignore Significant wounds until a battle ends.
1-10: You fail...And fall over. Quite often, actually.
11-20: You recover from impact damage much faster than you previously did.
21-30: Alright, so you can grit your teeth and smile after sustaining MINOR WOUNDS. No negative effects to Strength or Speed from Minor Wounds.
31-40: Good job! Knock 1 HP off of all damage.
41-50: You don't like staying down. Medium Attacks don't effect Strength or Speed stats.
51-60: Oh shit...Sustaining Medium Level injuries gives you a +3 to Strength and Speed until the end of the fight!
61-70: You've got quite the game face. Sustaining Significant Injuries does not effect Strength or Speed and you no longer take impact damage.
71-80: Ok, stop growling like that. Significant Injuries allow you to use RAGE, which damages you for 5 HP for 3 turns, but also doubles your damage until the end of the fight.
81-90: Minor Wounds heal in 2 turns.
91-100: Minor Wounds don't effect you, impact attacks hit the opponent for 2 Recoil and you can now ignore Cravings for 15 turns.


As you Rank Up you unlock abilities, attacks and gain points. Each time you rank up you get:
* 5 Skill Points
* 1-2 New Perks (depending)
* A freebie piece of gear (which you generally kind of just win in-game)

To Rank Up you need to earn experience, which you get by battling or using perks. The system is as follows:
Rank Up from Rookie: 1000 exp
Rank Up from Rank 1: 2000 exp
Rank up from Rank 2: 4000 exp
Rank up from Rank 3: 6000 exp
Rank up from Rank 4: 8000 exp
Rank up from Rank 5: Retire character.

The Ranks are as follows:

Rookie - You just got released from your Pod, shaken and traumatized. But Max needs warriors and you'll have to do. You can use your WEAK ability.
Rank 1 - You know what you're doing...mostly. Officers can help you out if they want and you can request help too. You can cause Medium Level wounds.
Rank 2 - You can throw a decent punch and your aim is so-so when it comes to long range. You've unlocked the use of your MEDIUM ability.
Rank 3 - You can cause damage. Large amounts of it. You officially can NOT return to a pod. Significant Wounds are your usual damage. You can use your POWERFUL ability now.
Rank 4 -  Well, well....Maxwell might just include you in his ranks soon. You are trusted and can unlock and lock Pods. All skills gain +5 cuz you did a damn good job getting here!
Rank 5 (officer) - Welcome to the team, kid. You can use all of the facility's technology and you may add a SECOND POWERFUL ABILITY.
Demon - Once you retire your character, you can become a Demon. You are made into an NPC and lose control, becoming background material.
Void Bait - This is more like a Rank Down...If you encounter the Regulator, he has the right to throw you into the Void unarmed and bleeding. Then you're screwed.


WEAK ABILITIES: You are powerful. Very powerful. Otherwise, Maxwell would have sent you to the moose room and never cared again. You have no idea how to use this power and you're still physically weak. This power should be an evasive power that weakens your opponent so that you can flee or distract it so someone else can get it.

MEDIUM ABILITY: These are meant to cause SIGNIFICANT Damage and have a chance to kill your enemy. This ability either:
Strikes fast but does less damage
Strikes slower but causes huge damage.

POWERFUL ABILITY: This is your end-all move, but you can only use it once a day and your health will be cut in half after using it. Make it crazy, it's supposed to fuck shit up Smile


Your character gains an edge in battle and day-to-day life because they're special like that. You start off with three perks. You design these yourself, and the DM builds on them as you rank up.
Perks should give you stat boosts, extra power or help you flee.


Personal strengths are what makes a character a character. Add at least three.


You MUST have weaknesses. Not optional. AT LEAST 3.


Drugs are part of the main diet in Hell. You are addicted to at least one kind of drug and must take this drug at least once a day. If you don't, you get Cravings which add a -2 effect to all stats. When you satisfy your cravings the stats return to normal. Doing drugs while your cravings are already satisfied gives you stat boosts.
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Character Guide
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