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PostSubject: Carlyle Greene From Titanstuck   Carlyle Greene From Titanstuck I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 8:47 pm

Titans will fill out a standard profile sheet. Failure to do so, or failure to answer honestly will result in diciplinary action.


Full Name: Carlyle Thomas Greene

Designation: Alcohol

Age: 18 [ID says 23]

Gender: Male

Title: Bard of Void

Known Abilities: Subject is to be watched at all times. On the single occation when a non-sealed staff member came into contact with the subject, the surveilence shows that the Subject whispered three words to them [Investigation pending on what those three words were.] and the staff member shot themselves in the head later that day.

Personality Profile: My personality? My...personality, really. [Subject prompted.] Oh no, Im happy to tell you, I was just suprised. I didn't know that kidnappers tended to be the online dating profile blurb types. [Subject prompted.] Oh calm down, I'm getting there. I'm a teenager with too much time on his hands and too little inhibition. I am a poet and a raging idiot. I speak in riddles to annoy people sometimes. [Long moment of silence] Is it working? [Subject PROMPTED] [Subject falls onto the floor, apparently going into cardiac arrest.] [Staff member goes in, armed with tranquiliser gun and sidearm.] [Subject promptly sits up, and pulls staff member's arm, causing them to be face to face. Subject whispers something to staff member. Staff member appears to lose it, shooting the subject with four seperate tranqualisers. Subject begins to bleed from their eyes and nose, falling unconcious. Later that day, staff member found, having shot themselves in the head with their sidearm. Investigation ongoing as to the reason for the sudden bleeding.]

Appearance: Carlyle Greene From Titanstuck Aimimg10

Pre-Titan Occupation: Bartender, Con man [What does this mean?] [SN-Professional swindler.] [Understood]

Skills: Skilled at manipulation, aparently nearly encyclopedic knowledge of sociology and psychology theories.


Notes: Well, this kid is either going to be the best arena contestant since Leviathan, or the most boring. One way or the other, I see him surviving for a while. [Not if he gives me a reason.] [SN- If you shoot him without a good cause I will be very unhappy.] [Understood.] [SN- When I am unhappy, people lose limbs, just to make that clear.]

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Carlyle Greene From Titanstuck
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