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The Fall

Break through the Looking Glass and you will find an eternal fall. Suspended in the air are impossible cities, sprawled out like spider webs and inhabited by the Glassborn and the Glassborn only. There are several layers of the Fall, starting with "The Top" and fading into the "Eternal White" where one can fall forever and ever and never land at all. If you intend on visiting the Fall you better grow some wings or learn how to fly without them because there is very little to hang on to and if you don't float, you fall and die.
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The Hollows

Entirely made of metal, even creatures. Possibility of a planet. Considered one of the most dangerous planes yet rich in resources by inter-realm travellers. Has two basic levels: The Surface (all of the different biomes you can think of except everything is made of metal, there are villages, sentient creatures are humanoid but metal) and The Lower Hollows (they used to be full of a huge civilization of sphinx-like non-humanoid super intelligent creatures with servants called the Hollowed who are mainly different because they have a fragment of a Astral Steel inside of them). Having Astral Steel in your body is destructive towards your humanity so the Hollowed are feared by the Surface People. The two societies are basically cut off from one another.
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The world of extremes. Extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme power...Things are intense. It is split into three basic ares: The Tangle (An extremely dense jungle area that becomes seemingly impossible the further in you go), The Burn (Lava, fire and endless wars. Nobody really knows what or who they're fighting for), and The Silence (It is what appears to be a very large, endless stretch of ocean. There are no animals near or above the surface. It is extremely eerie...Nothing can prepare you for it)
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Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:07 pm
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The Locus

Named by someone who could walk between planes. The planet's layout looks like a Locus in a sense. It has one central circular globe which is the actual planet with petal-like space stations that come off of the central planet. The Locus is one of the most technologically advanced worlds but is void of magic. It used to have a wealth of magic but something happened involving Zix and boom no magic. The air is too polluted to breathe and everyone is required to wear gas masks unless they have evolved to breathe the toxins in the air.
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The Ether

It has magic, but not as much as Zix or The Hollows. The popultion is "human". It is like Earth but something has sort of...shifted.
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The most important thing to know is that it works a little differently physically then other realms. Death doesn't Your organs can die, your heart can stop...But your parts will reform into a new creature. Death is the step between the next evolution. You can potentially kill somebody and make them into something else. You can take a dog that has a broken leg, kill it and make it into a normal dog. It won't retain the memories or anything...but it's fixed. Only about 20% of the planet is actually livable. The rest are swamps that dissolve you. You become more swamp if the swamp. 80% of the planet is a living organism that eats things. The livable 20% is sectioned off by an extremely large wall. They don't exactly have magic but because of the way systems have evolved memory and intelligence are barterable. You have to store your memories in an empty body until you can transfer them to your new body. The only "safe" place is the royal castle. It is a regular castle, but there are guards that prevent attacks quite well. They will kill you. And turn you into a worm. Many worms.
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The City of Clarity

Technically just "Clarity", but it's a mega-city. Imagine you had a planet and you had the ability to grow skyscrapers out of a half-inch diamond. You can terraform anything, everything and whatever. Things aren't mesaured as much in volume. You could have a ton of things that are uber valuable elsewhere. But in Clarity they are rather plain. The most important thing is their attempt to learn everything. The more knowledge you have, the higher you rate in society. It's a wellspring of knowledge, except for one little problem...Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, Clarity is disappearing. As fast as they build, the city disappears. You don't live to be all that old in Clarity...You could have a birthday and suddenly you're not there. Clarity is a world of aristocratic people who are freaking out on the inside. Its civilians aren't human.
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Vex and Zix used to be one plane. Then something happened, and nobody really knows what...Except for a few people who shall remain unnamed. In the same way that Zix is full of energy, Vex is like that with time. Time is controllable to a certain degree. The result of this being that a fair amount of the population is able to fade out of time and appear in a more convenient time. Nobody actually knows where they are going, time streams get crossed, and you may be standing on a building and say "what was this like a 1000 years ago?" and when you get there, no building. Time is very scattered here. Time itself has started messing with people. Even if you don't time travel, you may find yourself in a different portion of time for no apparent reason. Having been severed from Zix, there are still parrallel areas on Vex. There is an area that used to be like The Tangle, but instead of jungle there is just city made of discarded items. Everything dropped/discarded is teleported there. The parallel of the Burn is a flat obsidian wasteland with occasional villages. It's the Burn without the chaos...Stagnant atermath. Animals there feed off of the rock and you can hunt is generally just a shitty place to live. The parallel of the a city in the middle of the ocean. It's not silent anymore.
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The Looking Glass

The common realm. The Looking Glass is the Nexus in which basically every plane can access. Every plane has a gate to The Looking Glass. The Locus has built over these gates, the Ether has trouble passing through them. The Looking Glass is a seemingly flat land made of mirror. A lot of the gates lead to the Grand Market where you can sell anything, ever, period. Occasionally there are problems with bringing things back to a realm where they don't belong. To go anywhere or build anything you just need to think it and decide to do it. It can be dangerous depending on thought strength. In the Looking Glass you are only as powerful as your thoughts. Some people are weak elsewhere and godlike here and vice versa. PS: Don't fuck with the Sphinxes.
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