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 MYSTERIES (Elias's fucker uppers)

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The Headshot Whore

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PostSubject: MYSTERIES (Elias's fucker uppers)   Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:56 am

Name: The Malafis
   Class: Arch Daemon
   Base Hp: 600 (Resistance to all equal to 75 hp until his "Lost ones" are eradicated.)
   Attack: 3x20 Base Imagination Modifier
   Abilities: Disorient, Blind, Poison, weakness, deafness, silence, asphyxiate
   Specials: The mists- A thick fog whirls around The Malafi's opponent, who is assaulted within the cloud by thousands of skeletal arms, all ripping and tearing at them.
   Description: The malafis is a gaunt figure that looks much like a bloated corpse, it's skin a pearly white, and it's eyes sunken and completely yellow. it looks quite frail, but mists pour from its mouth constantly, and its limbs are inordinately is an avatar of the lost and forgotten...And it would love nothing more than to drag you into its unending horror.

* Provides a player-specific item to either whoever landed the last hit or dealt the most damage: "The Key of The Lost". This initiates the sub-quest "Finding The Lost Vault".
* Allows 1 "Quick Route" roll per day, which gives you clear instructions to your next target/goal.
* In addition, ethereal beings cause 50% less damage.
   Name: The Smiling man
   Class: Unknown
   Base Hp: 10,000
   Attack: 100 x number of turns passed.
   Abilities: Pick one
   A waltz in grey- The smiling man reaches into his opponent's mind and causes them intense nightmarish hallucinations and pain.
   Nevermore- The many ravens always accompanying the smiling man swoop down, clawing at the smiling man's opponent, and dissolving into smothering darkness around them, which burns like acid.
   A dream of endings- The smiling man whispers "Sleep" in his opponent's ear, and they wake up in their bed. They live to challenge him another day...but at what price...
   Description: The smiling man is a tall figure in a white suit, gloves, and bowler hat. He seems to have white hair, and shoes as well. His face is the only true abnormality. He has no eyes, nor any indents that could be assumed to be eyes, he has only a mouth, that stretches across his entire lower face. The teeth are shiny white and perfectly straight.  The Smiling man speaks in a calm courteous voice and seems peaceful, but should his chosen prey flee he will calmly pursue them, appearing from any surface, around any corner, and softly telling them to relax, that all their troubles will be over soon. And who knows...maybe he is right.

* For the next 2 campaigns, you can teleport anywhere in hell, whenever you want. No restrictions.
* You gain the ability to send anything that has less imagination and/or a lower level than you directly to the White Void.
* You can summon up to 10 of the Smiling Man's Henchmen.


Name: The Doctor

Class: Black Market Medic

Base HP: ??? (Every time anyone has ever tried to hit her she seems to stop existing, leaving only a feather in her place)

Attack: 150

Abilities: Can have the effect of any drug

Med Cabinet - The Doctor appears to have the cure and/or cause for any illness.
Flock - Dissolves into a flock of ravens. Daphne du Maurier may have had a Doctor visit before she wrote "The Birds".
Murder, she wrote - The Doctor will gladly write you a prescription. Just probably not the one you wanted.

Always polite, always quiet...You always know what she's saying, even though she never speaks a word verbally or telepathically. The Doctor isn't hostile really...But it's a good idea to stay on her good side considering she's the drug market of Hell.

* For the rest of the campaign, your entire party has a massive health increase and 40% increased regen.
* Each member of your party is able to summon her once for the rest of the campaign, gaining her as an ally and gaining a secondary massive health boost.
* All drug supplies are refilled completely.

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The Headshot Whore

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PostSubject: Re: MYSTERIES (Elias's fucker uppers)   Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:02 am

Name: Vice
Class: Avatar
Base HP: 400 (With rapid health regen)
Base Attack: 40

Abilities: Bleeding, Suffocation, Paranoia, Terror, Fatigue.

-Withdrawal (Passive): Upon entering combat, you lose all drug buffs and you are given maximum withdrawal symptoms for any and all of your addictions.
-Unhinge: Any time that you are hit with one of his attacks, you get 1 Unhinge stack. These don't go away until one day after combat with him has ceased. If you acquire 3 stacks of Unhinge, your Imagination and Determination stats are dropped to 0. In addition, any time that you launch an attack or ability you must roll a d100 and if the roll is below 50 you do full damage to yourself and not to him. If you reach (and god forbid you do) 8 stacks: he applies every debuff he is capable of applying, you turn on your allies and are considered an enemy for 24 hours after combat ends.
-The Fix (Passive): He starts out with a 100% avoidance rate which drops by 5% every two turns of combat and every time that he applies Unhinge or an enemy manages to hit him. If at any time one of the characters happens to take a drug and manages to remove a debuff or completely succumbs to Unhinge, he gains 5% back.


* All positive effects gained from drug use are now x3
* For the rest of the Campaign or 1 Week (whichever is shorter) you have 100% poison resist.
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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: Re: MYSTERIES (Elias's fucker uppers)   Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:49 am

Name: The Duke of Color
Class: Avatar
Base HP: 1200
Base Attack: 5 + Imagination Bonus

Abilities: Paralysis, Drain, Bleed, Blind, overload

-Land(E)scape: The Duke can Merge into any object that has not been greyed out, and emerge from any other object of the same general color in the area.
-Fade to grey(Active/passive): Passively, the duke drains four points of imagination from each character in combat with him, gaining those points as temporary bonus points to his own imagination stat. Actively, The duke can "Grey out" any object, causing contact with it to reduce speed and imagination by 10 for the rest of the battle. Also, the duke can grey out any character who has reached 0 imagination, doing their lost points in imagination as damage. This damage is doubled if the target is overloaded. Anyone reduced to zero health by this does not die, but instead is converted to part of the painted realm, adding their stats to the duke's for the rest of the battle. Anyone made into a painting can only be freed by destroying the duke.


*You can now use any and all of the paintings in hell as doorways to one another until the duke reforms himself (About one week.)
*Color of victory- Any time that anyone with the buff destroys a creature, boss, or other enemy, they may switch out one of their stats with that enemy's for the rest of the campaign. Note however that these borrowed stats do not provide extra bonuses, outside of normal rolls.

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PostSubject: Re: MYSTERIES (Elias's fucker uppers)   

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MYSTERIES (Elias's fucker uppers)
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