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PostSubject: Escher Peron From As Above   Escher Peron From As Above I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2014 6:05 pm

Name: Escher Peron (Known as Pear by friends)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Arcania: Nova

Faction: Fenrir

Appearance: Escher is of average height with a slim build and bright, nearly electric-blue eyes. He tries to keep a low profile, but this is made somewhat difficult by the fact that he is both over six feet tall, is ghostly pale and has hair that looks like it is completely bleached. It is not, his hair has just gotten lighter and lighter over time. He tends to wear darker blues and red jackets, usually complete with a hat, to avoid the worst looks of intrigue. The overall result is that it looks like he is dressed up as a business casual vampire at pretty much all times.

Personal: Escher was born with pure black hair, and black eyes. Growing up, he was a precocious, if somewhat overzealous individual, taking it upon himself to solve any 'mysteries' that his classmates and friends could find. About half the time, he managed to find lost objects and such, which would have been great if he hadn't managed to consistently get himself stuck in difficult and sometimes even genuinely dangerous situations. It was during one of these investigations that Escher ended up in the backyard of someone with a vary tall fence, and some very dangerous security.

Most children would have ended up as a statistic, but Escher instead simply vanished. He stayed gone for nearly five hours before he appeared at home, shaking, mute, and with hair and skin a shade lighter than before. After examination by doctors showed no ill effects to his odd adventure, there was discussion about him possibly being an early emergence lunamancer. There was a fair bit of excitement, as invisibility was usually an advanced ability. Was he a prodigy?

No one knew, as Escher refused to speak, or write about what had happened for a good few months. When he finally began speaking again, he appeared not to remember what had occurred. For a span of years, that seemed to be the end of it. Escher graduated middle school, and was in the second year of high school before the odd phenomenon repeated itself. This time, in a physical education class. Rock climbing was the activity, and while he was usually good at it, that day, Escher fell off the top of the climbing wall. He had a harness, and rope, so no one was particularly concerned until he vanished mid-fall. In front of a crowd of shocked onlookers, and empty harness was lowered down. A few minutes later, Escher appeared in the locker-rooms, his eyes and hair now a dark brown.

More things happened also, ask me about them.

Personal Talents: Escher is an accomplished carpenter, and whittles in his spare time. He is quite athletic, more so than most, as he likes to spend a lot of time outside. He is also an accomplished free-runner, though the actual results of this tend to be getting yelled at the police more often than not.

Arcane Talents: Escher is very much attuned to the lunomancy side of things, displaying all the signs of an accomplished arcania. This is his cover. If he can be a good lunomancer, who is to know what else he can do? It is an imperfect solution, but it has kept him out of Helios's grasp thus-far. Only people close to him are aware that he is capable of anything more than some very advanced shadow manipulation. Though he is loath to admit it, Escher seems to have a very strong affinity for the void, finding it nearly effortless to step into it's depths. That said, he is also somewhat hypnotized by the experience, so he tries to avoid it where possible. He is unsure what would happen if he let himself 'fade' but he is sure that it would have serious consequences for the people around him. Thus, while he is very good at what could be considered teleportation, it is a capability he uses sparingly. Also in this category is his special ability, which allows him to pull energy away from things. The rather disturbing visual reminder of this is the literal leeching of color from whatever is affected. The only direct use Escher has found for this disgusts him somewhat. He can quite easily pull away the electrical signals that allow for thought in other people, giving him the capability to literally erase someone's short term memory, while also giving them a few grey hairs.

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