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PostSubject: Xander Levison from As Above   Xander Levison from As Above I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2014 2:24 pm

Ok, so hear me out here: Real people for characters? Like flesh faces? Maybe? Please? I can't find a satisfactory image for my character that isn't this idiot's smug grin ;^;

Name: Xander "Spore" Levison
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Arcania: Floromancy
Faction: Fenrir

Xander Levison from As Above A110

Personal: Xander didn't know about his abilities until half way through his first year of college. Ironically enough, he was taking a class on growing and caring for rare plants. He got the name "Spore" by discovering his abilities via sneezing whilst handling an extremely dangerous fungal pod. The spore dust covering the pod flew in all directions, and as if by instinct, Xander caused seven flowers that specifically eat that spore dust to instantaneously bloom in the classroom. Nobody was hurt, but Helios was on the greenhouse doorstep by the end of the class, asking for him.

Now, Xander is not one for government. Or rules. They were there to "offer" him a spot among the other Techs, to which he responded by leaping through the glass greenhouse wall and running down mainstreet in goggles and leather planting gloves screaming "You fucking wish, Reagan!"

Xander likes to think of himself as an "independent and slightly stoned soul". He doesn't smoke, or do any drugs for that matter, but he's a well-known conspiracy theorist and everyone tells him his ideas are "baked" ideas. Truthfully he's just very observant and has learned to trust his gut. Sometimes his ideas are a little...far-fetched. Other times, they're closer to the truth than most people want to admit. In the case of his Helios theories, for example, he's probably right.

He's very easy to approach, and is actually likely to be the one who approaches you. If nothing else he's fun to talk to - and he's smart, too. Smart and morally gray. He was the type of kid to do your math homework for you and get you straight a's.

Keywords to get to know Xander: Easy-going, fun-loving, great sense of humor, vegetarian (but not vegan and not obnoxious), likes reptiles (has a pet iguana named Iggy Pop), very anti-Helios, likes to make a stand.

Personal Talents: Articulate, excellent cook, very creative.
Arcane Talents: Works best with fungi and pollens/spores.
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Xander Levison from As Above
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