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 Dischord (Samael Dullahan) from Bass Line

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PostSubject: Dischord (Samael Dullahan) from Bass Line   Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:24 am

Name: Samael "Dischord" Dullahan

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Base Type: Psychoactive

Natural Abilities: Dischord is an extremely skilled user of firearms, particularly pistols. He is incredibly naturaly charismatic, and he also happens to be an excelent artist.

Maestro Abilities: Dischord is a very powerfull psychoactive type, who is seemingly naturaly drawn to manipulation and the instatement of choas, calling it the "Natural state of humanity." He is a diagnosed sociopath and a sadist, who likes to alter other peoples emotions and perceptions. Due to his nature no-one knows what his actual face looks like, as he is nearly always presenting an altered visage to the brains of everyone around him, and when he is not, he is usually wearing a doctors mask, usually with a sharp toothed smile drawn on it. No one is sure why. It is suspected that he has enough potential to rival even Rana should he be properly trained.

Weak: Dischord is able to disrupt and alter the emotions and perceptions, usually using this along with his charisma to cause his enemies to believe him a friend right up untill he shoots them in the back.

Medium: Should the more subtle approach fail to bring results Dischord is able to make anyone (And rather disturbingly) Anything alive see percicely what he wishes them to, and, if he is in a really bad mood, he can also just cause them to believe they are melting. Doing these things however, take a toll on Dischord's Energy levels, and tend to be breakable by thuroughly distracting him. Though he finds it extremely exhausting, he can draw up to two people into the Mindscape using this stage, though they cannot have their defenses up at the time.

End-All: Should you be in the vicinity of Dischord when he breaks down hard enough to use his End all, you will know it because you will be ripped out of your normal perception and drawn into the mindscape, a Manifestation of the person's own mind, defined by their imagination and will. Those with little imagination will be all but powerless even in their own mindscapes...and youll only stay there if you are really lucky...if Dischord doesnt happen to decide to break through the walls of your mindscape and reshape it as he wishes. He may not be able to break you in the outside world...but in the mindscape, the sociopathic Psychoactive is god...but then, while a person's mindscape is their most secure location, it is also the most vulnerable, and should you be able to invade the invaders mindscape, the tables may turn.

Base: Dischord Uses his aray of mind altering powers to his greatest abilaty.
Blaast: Dischord is more or less never wiling to use his Blaast, even when his life is in danger. His reasons are somewhat ambiguous, but many suspect it is due to his following inabilaty to maintain whatever facade hides his true face. Should he use it however, the effect is immediate and incredibly destructive. It is much, much smaller scale than near any other blast, but is far more concentrated. There is a few seconds warning, wherinDischord's face apears to smolder, and glow with harsh light, before the minds of every being within around twenty-five feet are mentaly assulted with each other's pain and fear and grief, Making it exponentialy more dagerus to groups. It is a complete mental and sensory overload. Those affected are usually permanently scarred by the experiance, though most do heal with time.
after using his Blaast, Dischord is rendered comatose, and generaly begins bleeding from his eyes nose and mouth.

History: Little is known about Dischord's Childhood, mostly because he has told so many different tales that it is nearly impossible to tell what is true and what is false. The only things that are really known is that Dischord was one of the only survivors of The Town of Cypress Grove, one of the first cities to be assulted by the then Unknown centurians. It was burned to the ground, and its citizens stacked into great death pyres as a warning to the just budding resistance. This might explain the Future Cult Leader's rather warped view of the world. The small boy was found with bandages wrapped all around his head, and holding a loaded bloody pistol in his shaking hands. From there the child That would be dischord was taken to a refugee camp, a refugee camp that, for unexplained reasons, began to have an exponentialy higher murder and suicide rate. All attempts to coax the child into letting the bandages be removed evoked violence. When the area was eventually evacuated to avoid the oncoming swarm the child was nowhere to be found.

It was years later that reports began to pop up about a wandering figure that seemed to spread a wake of sheer insanity behind him, leaving towns as roiling masses of human fury and cruelty, many of which even went so far as to attack the nearby cities. Then, almost all at once the terror stopped. It was assumed that the Figure by then nicknamed Dischord, and considered a myth born of hysteria, was gone. In truth, the choas was only begining. After all, a man who could be anyone has no limits, a man who can say and do whatever he wishes with the truest sort of anonymity, is more than a follower, the man now called Dischord had become a symbol, a leader to all of those dissatisfied with the day to day of survival and codependance, the avatar of all those that wished to bring the world that had been remade crashing put it back in its true state...anarchy. It was a movement with no leader, but thousands of followers, and behind the scenes, a single person, a man with a mask, and million faces.

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PostSubject: Re: Dischord (Samael Dullahan) from Bass Line   Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:34 am

Super approved!
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Dischord (Samael Dullahan) from Bass Line
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