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 Races Of the Planes

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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: Races Of the Planes   Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:12 am

This is an outline of some of the primary races contained within the planes. There are countless others, but these are most of the ones you will run into on a quite regular basis. Note that i am only listing the sentients, as listing the dumb beasts would take freaking forever, kay?

The Fall

The Glassborn: Powered purely by thought is a race called the Glassborn that has built webs and grids of cities in the empty sky. These people float and are surrounded by 6 floating sword-like things. They act as rutters for them. They very rarely touch the ground. This race has special sort of magic which is just spoken words that invade thoughts to alter the body. Often times these words stain their lips depending on the type of magic they use most often. Their eyes are solid color that are colored depending on the Magicka sign they are born under. The magic colors and meanings are as follows:
Fire - Red
Earth - Green
Storm - Pure White
Shadow - Black
Healing - Gold
Celestial (Star) - Silver
Common Tongue - Flesh colored (standard lip color)
They are extremely isolated and know very little of the outside world. They are extremely intellectual and with the infinite possibility of creation they practice a lot of creative arts. They paint, they craft, they read, the play sport-like things...They are rich in culture and the only fights that occur are between those who learn and practice the Celestial Tongue and everyone else. The Fall is ruled by an Elder Council of Six Glassborn.

Gryphons (gry-fins(: In the vast, empty expanses between the Glassborn cities there are thousands upon thousands of clouds. Living within these clouds are highly intelligent beings that are so rarely seen, many wonder if they even exist at all. They are a strange cross between lion and bird. There are several types of Gryphons, but they all generally behave in the same way: Isolated, peaceful unless provoked, will argue with you until you either commit hari-kiri or your ears bleed and never, ever interact with humans.

Ducklings: Ducks in the Fall have evolved quite a bit. They appear like standard ducks, save for their blazing red and black wings, razor teeth and ability to talk. Known to be fierce fighters and always hostile. Unfortunately for them, they are also the main prey of the Glassborn. More than one Glassborn has returned from a hunt with a black eye, scratches and many bruises. The are roughly the size of a white-tailed deer and have wicked talons which they will not hesitate to use.

The Hollows

The Dolu (doe-loo:( Humanoid metal people, and the most numerous sentients on the hollow's surface. Spread out in large fortresses, and villages, the Dolu appear to be human or close to it, accepting that they are made of metal, sometimes skin toned, sometimes not. They are not one of the more powerful races, but because of their natural affinity for construction, they have an innate talent for breaking things when they want to.

The Yaanm (yan-em:( A Race of Raptor-like creatures, notable for being one of the highest predators on the surface, Thfor their speed and exceptionally hard talons. They can speak common, though it sounds a bit screechy. They build "Dens" Which are far more like small cities built slightly underground. No one is sure how they manage to sculpt the ripple-sand, but they seem to manage.

The Roek (row-A-ek:( Mistaken often for elementals by those from Zix, the Roek seem to be humanoid columns of roiling metal fragments, held together by arcing streams of electricity, which seem to pulse like blood flow. This electricity provides both their food, and their natural weapon, in the form of devastating cascades of lightning. All this said however, the roek are generally peaceful, and self sufficient, welcoming other peaceful races to share in their gatherings and civilization. They often live in gigantic towers, known as Buzz Spires, for their tendency to not only attract, but also to produce, lightning.

The Hollowed (Hall-Owed:( Before they may have been any number of races, before they may have been tiny insects, before they may have been great living constructs, but under the immense shaping power of the Sphinxes, they have become the Hollowed, perfect, beautiful, and yet chilling humanoid figures, utterly blemishless, and perfect, but for the single glowing spot that shows the presence of the Astral steel below their skin. Many think that the incredible value of astral steel would be worth fighting a hollowed one....they are universally wrong.

The Sphinxes (s'fink-sez:( Creatures of immense power and intelligence who live below the surface of the hollows, with their companions and servants, the hollowed. They are widely considered to be one of the most powerful races in the planes, and for good reason. Their civilization is a grand one, with constructs larger and more complex than the more basic mind can understand, and with a social structure that often leads to the thoughtless death of most intruders, who unknowingly invite their destruction, out of a sphinxes mere curiosity.


Geuredar (Gi-you-re-dar:( A race of mostly humanoid creatures, whose affinity for magic has infused so deeply into their beings that even their very physical structure can fluctuate from time to time. They are notoriously free spirited, and build hectic untamed, but beautiful canopy villages all across the tangle.

Ampaoll (am-pay-ol:( The ampaoll are lizard-like humanoids, who inhabit the edges of the tangle, acting as both its protectors, and a source of near constant worry for the Gam-hi, whom the Ampaol consider (rather reasonably) to be prey. While they have little in the way of magic, the Tough scales and high resistance to the power of other magic users makes them an ideal force for the attack from the burn they feel will be coming any day.

The Gam-Hi (Gham-he:( A race of small Slug like creatures that, while sort of pathetic, are also vastly intelligent, making large complex cities despite their distinct lack of arms. How they aren’t extinct is, as some would put it, a slimy little secret.

Rushkk (Row-shuk:( The most numerous inhabitants of the Burn, the Rushkk name refers to a vast variety of intelligent, and semi intelligent stone creatures, that, along with near everything else, wage constant pointless war in the burn. The power of a rushkk is not measured in size, as indeed many weak ones are the size of small mountains, but rather by definition. The more detailed a Rushkk appears to be, the faster you should run, as their grasp of pyromany and stone magics is there from their moment of creation, and only keeps expanding.

Vau (Vow:( The Vau are a race of large Snake-like beings that tunnel through the molten earth of the burn. Completely impervious to heat, and with the ability to grow to immense size, the only reason the vau don’t rule the burn is because, despite their intelligence, they also hate each other with a raging passion, perhaps due to their natural aggressiveness. There is only one vau that is respected by all the others, Vakku whose slumbering form is said to lie dormant under black waters of the silence.

The deep ones: Naught is known about the deep ones though many legends persist. No one dares break the calm of the silence, no one dares to dive deep below its icy surface...The deep ones are watching, the deep ones will know.

The Locus

Ulbutu (ool-boo-two:( All humanoids on the locus evolved out of one base species, the ulbutu, since then, the variation of evolution and the overarching use of cyber modification has rendered countless new forms. Who is to even say what is normal anymore?

The Ether

Humanity: You know it, you hate/love it. It's what’s here, and it hopes it's not what's for dinner.

The priests of Olgom: Several (supposedly) all powerful beings, made entirely of metal, who suddenly appeared on Ether, they now have a huge influence on the etherian population, is it for better or worse?
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The Headshot Troll

Posts : 542
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PostSubject: Re: Races Of the Planes   Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:26 am


The Pureborn: Refers to any humanoid creature born of natural causes, very rare, and considered the top of society.

The Fleshborn: Refers to any sentient humanoid produced through the process of re-death, normally the majority of the population.

The Fleshcrowned: Very advanced fleshborn who have learned to control the powers of the lifecycle to a degree, often feared, but highly respected.

The Deadspawn: Those reanimated from dead tissue, often as a way to mass produce slaves for memory vessel purposes.

The Slime: The swamp sometimes sends its own spawn to infiltrate the city...woe betide those who fail to realize it in time.


The Anzai (Anns-eye): The native population of clarity, a highly evolved and imperious race, the anzai consider knowledge to be absolute in value, after astral steel, willing to trade near anything for the answers to lifes puzzles. Lately however, and more and more over the last decade, the puzzle they want to solve most is how to stop the fade.

The lurkers: There’s something in clarity, something that you can only catch out of the corner of your eye. A glimpse in the moment before you fully awake from sleep. They come before the fade consumes it's chosen place...the anzai have seen them, and they are scared.


Vex has no true species of its own, but instead, things and people that become lost seem to appear there, slowly shifting and becoming different than they once were. As a result, vex holds near endless varieties of odd creatures.

The Looking Glass

Look for it, you'll find it here.
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Races Of the Planes
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