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 Claire Azikar From digital Decay [Not finished doing things?]

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PostSubject: Claire Azikar From digital Decay [Not finished doing things?]   Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:25 am

Name: Claire Azikar

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Previous Occupation: General; Expeditionary Legion - Expantion Force.

Home Planet: The Hollow


Personality: Claire is  a madman; A madman with a god complex so large that it could only be contained by the likes of the military. He is a metaphysical solipsist, who is less concerned with you, or anyone, than basicaly anything ever. He believes that he cannot die, as it would mean the end of the universe, and who knows, maybe he's right, but as it stands, what you can know for sure is that he is the best at what he does, and what he does, is 'take care of problems.'...

Strengths: Claire is One of the most deadly snipers that has ever been, and he has earned himself the nickname "The red eagle" For his abilaty to kill any target from a distance. Claire is an extremely proficient Gymnast and physichal combatant, having trained tirelessly to be the ultimate example of humanity. Claire is seemingly extremely lucky, some say that the world bends to him, others say he's just a step ahead of the game.

Weaknesses: Claire is reckless, due to having no fear of death or retribution whatsoever. He is also less than subtle, which pretty much procludes stealth as an option with him. Lastly, but certainly not least, he is kind of godamn unstable, and has occational phsychotic breaks, which can be very counterproductive.

Main Weapons: A collapsable DSR1-Subsonic Sniper rifle, and A T84 Plasma Shotgun.
Main Defenses: Class A Demo-ref suit, a high tech suit made for heavy ground troops, resistant to most environmental hazards, and with heavy integrates armor as well as mid level bionic coils. (based on a real thing in alpha development....because holy shit this is cool.)

Current City: The Endless

Current Occupation: General

Family: None, apparently an orphan.

Dweller Connections: Few, if any, other than by (terrifying) reputation.

History: Claire was born to two unknown people in the endless. Left alone in the twisting intricacies of the endless, He was shuttled from place to place, household to household, before eventually being left to the streets....or, caverns more like. It was in these desperate times that Claire's odd psychosis began to develop. Unable to see anyone else around him as human, or, for that matter, even real, Clair rid himself of both fear, and Morality. What need, after all, does God have for morality. Surviving through theft, and eventually building up his reputation as a gang leader, Claire, upon reaching serviceable age, joined the military. At this, he excelled. He was the perfect soldier in a way, no fear or regret, willing to do what he was told, but always taking initiative...sadly, the qualities that made him a good soldier, made him just as much of a terror. Finding an outlet for his talent, Claire's mania was left unchecked. quickly gaining rank and status, Claire pioneered a new military organization, the EL-EF, a force that quickly grew into the most ruthless threat to Dwellers tha had ever been formulated. Since its formation, its "God" has been at the front-lines of it's struggles, not content to sit back and watch... Claire watched the dwellers live, and now, he's decided he wants to watch them die.

Extra: Kill ALL the things!


Claire Azikar

Strength - 75
Speed - 50
Luck - 100
Perception - 100
Imagination - 0
Determination - 25

HP = 50
Rank = Mod
Race = Gearhead
Battery Life = 6 hours before Claire exhausts himself.

* Mods are able to freely change their "skin". This can result in them being very difficult to identify.

*Flag: Mods can summon an Admin to deal with an...issue. It better be a damn good reason though because the Admins will have none of your shit.

* Follow: Mods have the unique ability of being able to "follow" a person's activity. They receive random updates in the form of audio, video, and text as to where that person is and what they're doing. They can follow a potentially unlimited amount of people...but for every person they follow the updates not only become more frequent...but more ridiculous.

* Military Industrial Complex: Claire is able to synthesize, splice and enhance any type of weapon or armor with any other, with various results.







A little bit of history:


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PostSubject: Re: Claire Azikar From digital Decay [Not finished doing things?]   Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:29 am

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Claire Azikar From digital Decay [Not finished doing things?]
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