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 Volker Bernard from Bass Line

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PostSubject: Volker Bernard from Bass Line   Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:52 pm

Name: Volker Bernard (btw his name is pronounced VAWL-ker)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Base Type: Chaotic Structure
Natural Abilities: High pain tolerance, quick reflexes, above average medic.
Maestro Abilities:
Weak - Volker can morph his arms from mid-forearm down into scythe-like blade-y appendages. These vary in size but never surpass 4-feet in height. Additionally, he can do this on a smaller scale, effecting only his fingers and making claws up to a foot long. He can bulk up the muscles in his legs to assist him in super-speeding (he can probably keep up with a horse in full gallop, and at higher levels he'll wave to you through the window of your car on the highway). Although it's more for fun and shock value, anyone who decides to tackle him will be met by the row of spikes that extend down his spine (Why? Because when he folds them up it looks like a skeletal mohawk Very Happy). He can alter structures around him as well, but only slightly. For example, he can probably break a lock by bending it or crunch a door, but he can't build a house or anything.
Medium - Volker can produce two long bladed whip-like appendages from his shoulder blades. These appendages have grips on the ends, allowing him to grab an enemy and proceed to use the ground or wall to rearrange their bone structures. This does not inhibit the use of his hands, making this a powerful attack in combination with weaker attacks. Volker has the ability to form wings from his back and to cover his hands in heavy muscles to inflict mass amounts of damage, but these things take a little bit of time and he prefers not to do them.
End All - Perhaps the only attack that Volker can do using his surroundings. The ground is split into a grid which proceeds to shake, rise, and fall at random intervals. He can only stabilize a few pieces of the ground at this time, and it is advised to exit the immediate area if he says "Ok, fuck this shit!" and you start to lose your footing.

Base: Primarily Volker morphs his body and produces appendages and bulked up masses of muscle to assist him in battle. A few of his attacks alter his surroundings, but are either not particularly helpful in battle or are EXTREMELY helpful and make him want to sleep for weeks at a time.

Blaast: You have done something horribly, horribly wrong. If you are an ally, exit the area or stand VERY close to Volker. Punching the ground as hard as he can manage (really fucking hard), Volker forces several large spikes from the ground around him. These spikes can be anywhere from 3-10 feet in height and are usually pretty thick. In time with whatever beat is playing, the range these spikes will gradually extended in rings, centering on Volker himself and radiating out for quite some distance. The height of each ring of spikes is determined by the music. Upon his blaast wearing out, the spikes will very suddenly be sucked back into the earth, leaving only cracks on the surface where they had been. Upon the spikes disappearing, Volker generally falls over sideways and proceeds to sleep for the next 10-14 hours, completely unwakeable.

History: Born as Kurt Bernard, Volker grew up by himself for the most part. His mother was never around and his father was constantly drunk. Because of this he tends to distance himself from his own emotions. He rarely had enough money for basic things like food or clothing, and since his father didn't give a rat's ass about his son's health...Well, Volker took to violent methods of gaining cash. When he was young, he was tough and angry because he was terrified. Mostly alone, always had to put up a wall, had to look like he didn't care, had to dissasociate...When the war started up and things went to hell, he changed his name to Volker, meaning "one man army". Also, it sounded badass. He tried to stay alone as best he could, being a stubborn bastard...Eventually he figured out that this was not going to work at all and joined a little group of survivors. As he realized his own power, his facade of hard-ass tough guy stopped being a facade. He sort of lost his ability to feel compassion or sympathy. He became a sociopath and he was an asshole about it. Unless it was for his gain, he wasn't at all inclined to do it. When cities began to form, Volker opted to wander the wastes instead. Because of this he has extensive knowledge of wasteland survival. At this point he lives a comfortable nomadic life, but he's bored most of the time. Not enough things to kill (there's never enough things to kill), nobody to talk to...He generally just talks to himself and curses out inanimate objects that get in his way ("DAMMIT! Stupid fucking plant! What is your point? What do you even do?! You're not pleasing to the eye even! You suck! You waste of oxygen and space! Go die in a hole or something! Oh right, YOU CAN'T! BECAUSE YOU ARE A PLANT! Fuck you!" Tulip: D: )

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PostSubject: Re: Volker Bernard from Bass Line   Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:58 pm


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Volker Bernard from Bass Line
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