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 DJ-Dreem from Improbable Island

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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: DJ-Dreem from Improbable Island   Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:33 pm

Name: Formerly- Donnovan Leon Dreeminch Now- DJ-Dreem (Or just Dreem)

Race: Biomech- Dreem was (at least apparently) dead. He had been dropped into the island via plane, which he was amazed to find didnt hurt...directly before being ripped appart by several large insectoid creatures because he had his headphones on and didnt hear them coming... Pain, and then, waking up... waking up with a new purpose, a new body...and a new capacity for power...and crazy awesome grooves. He is now a biomechanichal lifeform. He holds power beyond what he understands....mostly because he seemes to have developed a massive obsession with the concepts of speed and sound. When he isnt zooming all over the place as the courier of newhome, he can generaly be found in his club The Dreem Den. It's open to all, but if you decide to better be ready to keep up with the crowd and bring some noise protection, After all...the DJ also happens to be the speakers most nights.

Gender: Male

Age: 19 at time of death.

Physical Description: Dreem would, at a very quick glance, apear mostly human, if a human child. At about 4' 6" and with his red hoodie and cargo pants on, you could mistake him for a regular long as you didnt look at his feet, and he had his hood up and hands in his pockets. You see, his feet happen to be wheels, or something like it...though they seem to barely touch the ground. His head is almost perfectly spherical, and he has two large antenna swooping back from his head like horns. Electricity jumps from one to the other whenever he gets agitated or exited. The entire front of his head seems to be a screen, as he can play/project anything he can think of on it. Usually it just has two large oval eyes that most people agree (and he dissagrees) Are absolutely adorable. He has no mouth (unless he projects one) but he really doesnt need one. His metalic "skin" is shiny silver, with patterns of black and green lines down his limbs. He seems to be able to create disproportionately large speakers, sound cannons, leangths of livewires, and pretty much anything electrical he can think of, though anything large takes considerable energy, litteraly. He is powered by electricity, which he naturaly generates, but should he run out he will fall into a sleep state untill his body can generate more....that being said, while it is a cripling weakness, it also provides a rather frightening abilaty....should he find something electrical, he can use it to temporarily supercharge himself...a double edged sword, but the little robot doesnt seem to mind much. The wheels that comprise his feet arent actually wheels, but ultrastatic wheels, which allow him to travel across any surface at extreme speed...something he's rather obsessed with doing... that and he likes dancing on the ceiling.

Personality: DJ-Dreem Was rather irevocably changed by his transformation, in nearly every way, and this includes personality. While he still retains a good bit of his memory and personality, he has been reverted to a very childlike nature. He seems to be slowly growing back up both physichaly and mentaly, but untill this happens, he is a bit stubborn, and really seems to deplore violence...that being said, if something he feels is important is threatened he will do everything he can to protect it...hes not so great at avoiding causing collateral damage though, so people tend to try to get him to fight away from inhabited areas. He has a very severe obsession There is almost never a time in which his body is not blasting some sort of music.

Race Power: Bpm Boost- Dreem temporarily doubles his already rather fast speed. This lasts only about 10 minutes.

Individual Power: Blaastin- When cornered, Dreem's last resort is to "Blaast" Shooting out a pure wave of sound so powerfull that it immediately ruptured the eardrums of anyone not wearing ear protection, and causes massive environmential damage as well.

Main Weapon: Himself

Secondary Weapon: He can stare at you with his big eyes and make you want to stop attacking and huggle him.

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PostSubject: Re: DJ-Dreem from Improbable Island   Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:54 am

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DJ-Dreem from Improbable Island
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