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PostSubject: Drake from Godkillers   Drake from Godkillers I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2015 1:03 am

Name: Drake Pearson
Race: Human
Age at entry: 22
Gender at entry: Male

Adaptability: 5
Stability: 10
Prowess - Physical: 15
Prowess - Mental: N/A

Physical appearance: Drake used to be fairly handsome. That however was before he had most of his face burned off. Now he tends to wear a hat and sunglasses everywhere. He wears casual clothing, though he usually wears long sleeves, and most of the time, he is chewing gum. Under the clothing, pretty much everything from his nose upwards is covered in burn scars, as are his arms and a good portion of his torso. Under all that, he has tanned skin, one brown eye (The other one is now blind so he usually keeps it covered) and an athletic build.

Personality: Drake is a man who has been pushed too far too many times, and it shows in his personality. He is extremely intelligent, having a vast knowledge of psychology and tactics, as well as the intuition to put it to good use. However, he is not especially interested in the finer points of academia, that part of him died along with his good looks and depth perception. Instead, Drake has chosen to make a new place for himself in the world, by any means necessary. To start with, he chose to get some closure regarding one specific past incident. His form of closure included such actions as burning down an entire city block, and learning to destroy other people’s memories. Other than that he is totally normal, give or take some anger issues.

Areas of Control: Pyrokinesis, Erasure, Matter-State Changes.

Creation Story: Once there were two friends who swore that they would rule the world. One dreamed of a bright utopia, the other of a perfect truth. Together they forged a path through the wilds of the world, and broke apart every barrier before them. But one was lost to madness, and the other fire. The husk of madness dreamt of heaven, while the husk of fire smoldered in visions of a self-made hell. It would not last, for fire cannot be smothered by an open sky. Fire burns in darkness and in light, in agony and in peace, for flame is the end and the beginning, the catalyst for ruin, and for ascension; but madness knows nothing of what lies below it, so it could not anticipate that all before it would turn to ruin in the encroaching flames. Even in heaven, the skies will burn, and burn they did until nothing more remained, until the dark spot that had been a bright utopia stood as nothing more than a scorched shell. But flame was not finished, for once lit, all around it becomes its fuel. It burned until flesh had become memory and memory had become nothing more than a figment of reason. It burned until all things were consumed, and then, it turned to the kingdom it had consumed, and laughed.

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