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PostSubject: Leysa from Godkillers   Leysa from Godkillers I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2015 12:30 am

Name: Leysa Germain
Race: Human
Age at entry: 17
Gender at entry: Female

Potential: 11
Adaptability: 20
Stability: 0
Prowess - Physical: N/A
Prowess - Mental: 10

Physical appearance: Leysa is a bit of an oddity physically. She is dark skinned, but has pure white hair, very long, pure white hair. Her eyes are grey, with very long white lashes that give her a slightly surreal look. She is rather small, tending to enjoy long flowing clothes, and soft fabrics, all the better to hide keys in.

Personality: Leysa, despite looking rather timid, is actually quite fierce when irritated. She is extremely obsessive, often having near prohibitive difficulty focusing on anything that does not pertain her obsessions. That said, if she reaches a state of calm, she is quite intelligent and analytical. She seems to be shockingly used to disaster, and is mostly unaffected by things around her being uprooted, as long as the doors stay locked, and her escape routes stay open.

Areas of Control: Access control, construct creation and destruction/zone creation and destruction.

Creation Story: Once there was a girl who watched the world go by, and counted every angry face that watched her from the windows. With guns and grins and malice they would knock at every door, but they found the doors were shut and locked, like clockwork, and like hours. She knew they had come to sate their bloody wishes, to break the jewel of their enemy, but she saw them, she knew them, and they would not get in. She spent her days with locks and keys, and found that she could see the passages that linked each space, each time and number, until the day that she left the door unlocked. The guns and blood, and cavalcade could not follow her to where she ran, but she never forgot the price of forgetfulness. She made her locks stronger, her passages more secure, and gradually, no more faces appeared in the windows. No more rage, or sorrow greeted her; for she had locked away the world itself, and stepped into something new.

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Leysa from Godkillers
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