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 Zu from Digital Decay

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PostSubject: Zu from Digital Decay   Zu from Digital Decay I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 8:21 am

Zu from Digital Decay Vampir11

Strength - 5
Speed - 0
Luck - 15
Perception - 0
Imagination - 75
Determination - 35

HP = 150
Rank = 1
Race = Blood Witch (Or, in more official terms, Hemozyre - ask over skype if u want a rundown on them)

• ANEMIA: Zu's magic encourages blood to flow from her enemy's wounds. This also causes her wounds to bleed more, but adds bonus damage to minions summoned by blood.
• BLOOD RITES: Using all available spilled blood, Zu creates minions to do her bidding.
○ Blood Wraith: Small, liquid wyrm that doesn't do much damage but heals Zu a little bit with each attack.
○ Blood Haunt: A misty spirit that cannot do physical damage, but can directly damage any stat of Zu's choosing.
○ Vampire Hawk: Despite being referred to as a hawk, these creatures are just stronger, more solid Blood Wraiths.
○ Blood Golem: A short, squishy, sloshy golem. Usually requires someone to die in order to gather enough blood to make one. Does decent damage and is bound by very strong magic, making it difficult to kill or dispel.
• SHE'S A HYPER…CARRIE?: Rage, adrenaline, and starvation can drive a Witch to do great and terrible things. Zu rips the blood from her opponent's body, shredding flesh and breaking bone. However much blood she manages to draw before the enemy regains control of the situation goes directly into summoning her old weapon - Hematemesis.
○ HEMATEMESIS, THE HEMOZYRE'S SPEAR: A weapon that can only be summoned by Hemozyres of the royal bloodline. Once it penetrates flesh, it floods the veins with razor-sharp crystal shards of solidified blood.
• RACIAL ABILITY - FRANKENSTEIN WAS THE DOCTOR DAMMIT: Can build and re-animate extremely stupid flesh golems using leftover body parts and large quantities of her own blood.

• HANNIBAL: Consuming the flesh of her enemies heals her. Chunks of flesh torn free during combat heal for 5-25 HP each, depending on the damage done.
• BUTCHER: Prone to critical hits on humanoid enemies due to extensive knowledge of anatomy.
• VIRGIN BLOOD: If using her "Blood Rites" ability after the first hit on an enemy, two minions are spawned instead of one.

• Heartless.
• Comes from a warrior race and is not only used to, but pleased by, violence.
• Skilled healer of herself and others.

• Reckless
• Can get…loopy, when she's hungry.
• Very superstitious.

• Flesh. It doesn't matter what kind. She hungers for flesh and blood and yes, even bone. The more gorged she is on the corpses of the fallen, the stronger she becomes and the more damage she can take.

• A plethora of tribal-looking knives. She knows what each one is for and is very particular about using them right.
• Several small pouches filled with various powders
• Several small vials filled with dark, murky liquids
• Signet Ring of the Golkrux Family

Appearance: Mostly refer to the picture above. She doesn't wear a lot of clothing, but is covered in straps and belts to which she hooks all kind of shit. Claws, pointy teeth, long tongue…uh, that's about it?

Personality: Dude I'm so tired, you'll be able to figure it out I promise. All you need to know is she has a weird, untraceable accent (being a fucking alien and all) and speaks somewhat sloppy english. She is very food driven and doesn't give a flying fuck about anything but eating, being around her wife, and making things bleed.

A little bit of history: Exiled from her homeworld for trying to satisfy her hunger by eating her entire family. Her entire royal, divine-rulers family. Unfortunately, the curse placed upon her by the resulting ancestor spirits made her forever hungry instead. So it was pointless and fucked her pretty bad. She hitchhiked to through the galaxy to California, where she literally got married to a girl named Jessica Artemis Mercedes (character sheet incoming later ok). Through a complicated series of events, she wound up chasing her wife's soul into Hell when she couldn't reanimate her, and she has happily been cuddling her wife in a pod for the past several thousand years. Fun fact - nobody knows how, but she slipped past security (we think she hissed at Calamity until she gave up and nobody bothered to tell Maxwell). Now that pods are being opened for war, Calamity found out she got two for the price of one this time.
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Zu from Digital Decay
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