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PostSubject: Azazel from Among Us   Azazel from Among Us I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2015 6:05 pm

Name: Azazel (Although he goes by Zay Rover in his public life)
Age: 84 (Looks like he's in his mid-20's)
Gender: Male
Race: Incubus

Appearance: Azazel has been described as "offensively tall" by those unused to seeing a 6'5'' man walk into their bar. He has carefully messed brown hair that he likes to spike up with gel in the front. It's not unusual to see him fussing with it in reflective surfaces throughout the day. Generally, his eyes are a soft and welcoming green. When hunger sets in, however, his irises turn gold while his pupils narrow to slits. As is usually the case with Incubi, Azazel is well-built, well-proportioned, and generally aesthetically pleasing to look at. He can make his wings, tail, and horns appear and disappear at will, though he finds it difficult to mask the pointy teeth and elongated nails typical to his kind. That said, he has a knack for making sure nobody questions it anyway.

Personality: Perhaps it's the knowledge that he'll live until something stops him, or the privileges granted to a man who has always been stunningly beautiful, but Azazel's cockiness is one of his defining features (and that isn't a pun about his profession, either). He seems to lack the basic ability to plan ahead, but is usually resourceful enough to make it work. Whether or not it works well is a different story. He has little regard for the well-being of those around him and will almost always put himself first - with a very small handful of exceptions. He prides himself on being charismatic enough to be the life of (most) any party, and possessing just enough useless information to save a failing conversation.

Notable Abilities:
- He can make his wings, tail, and horns appear and disappear at will, though he finds it difficult to mask the pointy teeth and elongated nails typical to his kind. That said, he has a knack for making sure nobody questions it anyway.
- His animal affinity is with rats, allowing him to summon, possess, and become a rat or swarm of rats at will. He can see through the eyes of as many rats as he wants, but seeing the world from ten different angles simultaneously tends to make one want to throw up and die, so he usually keeps it to one at a time.
- Typical improved strength/speed/senses etc.
- Supernatural charm, ability to manipulate emotions/ etc.
- Incubi possess the unique ability to convert digested human flesh into an exceptionally powerful aphrodisiac (that is regurgitated from a sort of pouch next to their stomach.
- Azazel inherited an ability that has existed in his bloodline for centuries. A set of five knives rests neatly inside his coat. Once thrown, they can be manipulated, duplicated, and teleported about at will. Each knife is made of an odd metal that can roughly be described as "hard as diamond, silver and luminescent as the moon, and tinted with a shine like an oil spill in the sun".

History: Azazel was born into a cult-like family of Incubi and Succubi. "All in the family" and whatnot. The family was focused largely on sticking to tradition - feeding on human flesh and hosting mass orgies and the like. Though he was never uncomfortable with these practices, he was never chomping at the bit to partake in family field day. Much like the Amish, his family allowed their children to experience city life once and forced them to choose between the two worlds.

If it wasn't clear, one barhop and two hookers later, Azazel had made his decision. He started off his life in San Francisco as a bartender, later became a male prostitute in Las Vegas, and eventually returned to California to become part of the porn industry. His career choices were mostly answers to the call of opportunity, but he enjoyed them enough to stick with them. Besides, his job really boiled down to binge eating every day.

Recently retired from the industry, he has finally returned to his roots as a bartender. Instead of heading back to San Fran or hopping to the next city on his list, he's chosen to stay in L.A. and work alongside his brother at the White Wolf, a dingy little bar on a side street. He occasionally visits his family in the remote reaches of the northern Californian wilderness, but his home base is in a well-earned and decently sized apartment about a block and a half from his job.
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