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 The Old Gods

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PostSubject: The Old Gods   The Old Gods I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2015 10:11 pm

Name: Kinra
Realm: Earth & Justice
Weapon: Spear
Item: Veil of Thorns - A thorny veil that has become one with its wearer, allowing her to grow beings from the thorns (which double as seeds).
Appearance: Kinra appears as a beautiful woman with long, fiery red hair and brilliant green eyes. She wears a combination of green robes and gold armor.

Name: Malkiir
Realm: Water & War
Weapon: Dual Swords
Item: The Haunting Guise - A featureless mask that shows whoever is looking at it the face of someone they love.
Appearance: Malkiir appears as an unhealthily thin man with long, black hair and sickly looking skin. He is always dripping wet. He typically wears no clothing on his torso with armor for his lower half
- Other: Malkiir is blind, but any form of liquid acts as his "eyes".

Name: Osreth
Realm: Love & Hate
Weapon: Teeth and Claws
Item: Heartstone - Allows control over the emotions of weaker beings.
Appearance: Osreth appears as a spindly being made of pure darkness. Depending on his mood, he either wears a mask depicting joy or a mask depicting rage. He is constantly morphing.

Name: Deishi
Realm: Fire, Healing.
Appearance: Deishi appears in the form of a huge, often smiling man clothed in resplendent robes of fur and silk. His hair is an ever shifting red, with a large beard and thick bushy eyebrows. His eyes, many might find unsettling if not for his aura, as they are empty but for the flames within them. When near him however, it is agreed that everything assumes an element of calm and serenity. The flames that wreath him are the flames of home, and of a fireplace on a cold night. He speaks calmly but with passion, reminding those before him that while he is razed fields and angry flames, he is also comfort and peace.
Weapon: Breaker of the Morn – A golden great-Morningstar, wielded similarly to a halberd. Its head is a likeness of an oxen head, its horns forever ablaze, and its eyes cut emeralds. Its most interesting defining characteristic is its long handle, which makes it possible for one with enough strength to wield it like a spear, or use its momentum for a devastating swing.
Item: Flame’s Circlet – Though used as a ring in Deishi’s case, the Circlet is a loop of flaxen metal. Those wearing it may choose to mend or burn away anything they touch, and as such it is also known as the band of mercy, or the band of agony.
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The Old Gods
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