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 Veela Accorne From Class 12

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PostSubject: Veela Accorne From Class 12   Veela Accorne From Class 12 I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 5:08 am

Name: Veela Accorne
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: 3

Appearance: Veela is classically beautiful in the style of a Greek statue. She is also about as dangerous as a fully armed Greek platoon if you get in her way. She is tall with an athletic build, raven hair, and bright green eyes. The more distinctive things about her are the tattoos that cover nearly her entire right arm, and what appears to be a lynx that follows her around everywhere.

Personality: Veela has a hard time with most people. They break before her far too easily, both physically and emotionally. As a result, she tends to be rather quiet and non-confrontational when possible. She is extremely ambitious and calculating, but has trouble trying to balance that with things like friendship and 'other people's ideas'. She is often unpredictable, given that her emotional state fluctuates rather rapidly, providing yet another obstacle between her and her desire to enjoy other people's company. The few fast friends she has, she is utterly loyal to, and will come to their defense without so much as questioning it. Unfortunately, given how zealous her defense usually is, that can cause as many problems as it fixes. At her core you could call her a jaded romantic, but don't because she will hit you.

History: No.

Zodiac?: Y

Aspect of Capricorn:


Mountain Runner - Veela does not become tired due to physical activity. She is able to run far faster than most people, and in a pinch, has been able to pull of some truly unlikely gymnastic maneuvers.

Sturdy - Veela does not seem to experience impact the same way most people do. Blunt force tends to act a lot like hitting a large rock, and edged weapons seem to leave only the shallowest wounds. The one time that she had occasion to experience a gunshot, it was a flesh wound, and not a very deep one. simply put, impact seems dampened to an extreme where her body is concerned.


Rapid Assault - Veela is able to speed up her personal time-stream, leaving everyone else both literally and figuratively in the dust, doing this for a long time will cause her massive fatigue. this is worsened by the fact that she is utterly unused to such fatigue.


Veela's eyes become like a goat's, and her skin becomes shiny and reflective, becoming as hard as deep-layer compressed stone. In this form, she seems to use the ground as both a liquid and a solid, diving in and out of it, as well as shaping it to her will. Unfortunately for many, what constitutes ground seems to be literally anything but completely artificial plastics.

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Veela Accorne From Class 12
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