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 Emily Song from Improbable Island

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The Headshot Whore

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PostSubject: Emily Song from Improbable Island   Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:06 am

Name: Emily Renee Song
Race: Joker
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Physical Description:

Personality: Emily is new to this whole Joker thing, and she's not quite sure how to go about being one. She's still not sure what her dice do and she still doesn't understand why she gets headaches and everything turns to insane randomness, but she does know that she wants to learn how to control those things. Back at home, Emily was the weakling. Now she could crush an entire city...if she could only figure out how. Shy, generally quiet, easily confused and very empathetic towards others. Occasionally, however, Emily will get so angry that she blacks out...And when she comes to, everything has been set on fire and she's drenched in blood. She literally has so much anger and hatred at these times that she loses consciousness for hours on end until the overflow stops. Emily also has a photographic memory and severe depression. The depression can occasionally be triggered by memories.

Race Power: Anti-logic
Individual Power: Devastation - When she blacks out, Emily becomes pyrokenetic (can control fire) and attacks nearly everything that moves. All of her pain sensors shut down, you can't reason with her, and your best bet is to duck and hope she doesn't notice you. She won't stop until either her target is dead, she stops being angry, or she gets wounded so badly that if she doesn't feel pain she'll end up bleeding out.

Main Weapon: She has 5 different swords which she stores in her void pocket of a hat. These:
Secondary Weapon: Bells. Yes, bells. Bells that cause people to writhe in pain and catch on fire. Bells.

Dice: (Note: She is doesn't know what they do, but she'll figure it out as she goes)
2 - Pressure - Everyone around her suddenly becomes very, very frantic and feels as though they must get this one thing done, but they can't figure out what it is.
3 - Technicolor Nightmare - Everything is neon and high-contrast for an hour. Shutting your eyes won't help, that just makes you see swirling whirlpools of neon colors. If your eyes aren't bleeding, you're a deity.
4 - 50/50 - Either you go flying backwards or Emily goes flying backwards.
5 - Disable - A random body part is disabled for 10 minutes.
6 - Flame Burst - You catch on fire. Plain and simple.
7 - No - Your weapon is now something soft, plushy and harmless. Most likely a teddy bear, occasionally a marshmallow.
8 - Panda - Well, for some odd reason there is now a panda running around. You aren't sure why, neither is Emily. Oh, I would suggest not saying "No", because when you do the panda's PTSD kicks in and it may go into a psychotic fit of rage.
9 - Shadow - Emily is behind you, no matter which way you turn.
10 - Mirror Effect - You are seeing replicas of Emily absolutely everywhere. Only one is the real Emily, so you might want to watch out.
11 - Cake or Death, Cake - Oh, hey! You got some cake! And it's not even a lie!
12 - Cake or Death, Death - Well shit. things are blowing up, you may be on fire, pointy things are flying out of nowhere... The cake may have been a lie....
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PostSubject: Re: Emily Song from Improbable Island   Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:11 am


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Emily Song from Improbable Island
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