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 Robin Delphi from Class 12

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PostSubject: Robin Delphi from Class 12   Robin Delphi from Class 12 I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2014 10:07 pm

Name: Robin Delphi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Year: 1

Appearance: whatever else you can say for him, Robin stands out in a crowd. His bright red hair doesn't hurt, nor does his loose interpretation of any dress code he may find himself under. While this would make most people look a bit dorky, Robin carries himself like a man on a mission. He is obstinate, churlish, and looks like he wants to run right over you. If he was a bit taller and bulkier, Robin might look as intimidating as he feels he should be. Alas, he is incredibly lanky, and about five and a quarter feet tall. This means that in most circumstances he just looks like a sulky kid. Though he isn't wise to the fact, he would likely make more of an impression with less baggy clothing. This is because he is both well muscled from his athletic activities, and covered in a somewhat anachronistic number of old scars.

Personality: Robin is a fairly classic case of someone who has dealt with entirely too much bullshit in life, and has decided that the best way to deal with that is to start throwing some bullshit back. Unfortunately, his rebellion was staggered somewhat by becoming heir to a roiling force of primordial power. Many people would be quite happy with suddenly getting superpowers. For Robin it was mostly just a complication to an already complicated situation. A few burn victims, and one short coma later, Robin found himself in a school. A school where he was pretty mush trapped. As a great testament to his sturdiness, he is not curled up in a heap. As a great testament to his stubbornness he has thus far refused to let on that any of this makes him want to hide under his bed and never come out.

Zodiac?: Y - Aries

If yes:


Fire - Robin can conjure, control extinguish and shape fire, heat and molten material. Can... likely wont unless coersed or provoked. Trauma is an unfortunate thing.


Temperature resistant - Apart from having a much higher body temperature than most people (Popular hug subject in the winter, much to his distress) Robin is able to withstand both extreme heat and extreme cold.

Sturdy - Robin is both extremely hard to unbalance, and much harder to break than most people. Some of this is probably his athletic prowess, but a he has also demonstrated a much higher bone density than a normal person. He still bruises pretty easily though if he doesn't take his supplements.


Martial Prowess - When under stress (Or eventually at will) Robin is able to amplify his physical talents, heightening his reaction times to such an extent that it looks like he is predicting his opponent's actions. Unfortunately, the penalty for this, especially when combined with his guardian form, is muscle tearing. This may at some point be mitigated, but for now, in its undeveloped form, it just means being damn near untouchable, followed by a week of agony.


Searing Charger - Robin internalizes the will of flame, covering him in a layer of liquid flame, and manifesting great curved horns of fire on his head. It is far less imposing than many of the larger manifestations, but because it is so condensed, the flame produced by Robin's guardian is hot enough to do serious damage even without direct contact. Unfortunately, Robin is pretty sure that he will never, under any circumstances willingly cover himself in goddamned fire again, heightened mental state and bitchin' powers be damned.

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PostSubject: Re: Robin Delphi from Class 12   Robin Delphi from Class 12 I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 4:03 am

1. US History
2. Physics
3. Algebra
4. Fencing
5. Study Hall
7. Graphic Arts
8. Earth Science (Dirt Examination)
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Robin Delphi from Class 12
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