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 Yama Black from Improbable Island

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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: Yama Black from Improbable Island   Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:28 am

Name: Yamako Elefrey Gossland Emprey Black (Yama)

Race: Joker

Gender: Androgynous.....very....

Age: Looks....maybe 20? 25? 16? Fuck it dunno.

Physical Description:

Personality: Yama is not your typical joker. Yama is not your typical a danger to everyone and everything. But he/she/it loves you anyway. Obsessive, impusive and with several phycosis including split personalities and bi-polarity, Yama is possibly one of the most demented individuals on the island...and thats saying something. Any more description would be redundant.

Race Power: Anti Logic- The world doesn't work anymore. Things are really godamn fucked up...what did you do? holy shit! Is the sun bleeding noodles? WHY GOD WHY? (and then it's over)

Individual Power: Shiftine- Yama can look however it chooses. It can be male, female, or, if it is feeling interesting, even an animal. The only constant being its insane sense of reality (or the lack) and it's tendency towards tackle hugs.

Main Weapon: Yama sinks into you when it touches you if it wants. It can then choose to either suck all the life out of can meld with you and absorb your body into itself....or it could just sink into you like a spear and rip your innards into being outards....dont fuck with Yama.

Secondary Weapon: Does it need one?

2- Everyone in the area is momentarily stricken with incredible and unbearable paranoia. Everything is watching...everything wants you dead.

3- Everyone around is laughing....they might not want to be but they are....they will untill they can summon the willpower to stop...or untill they start coughing up blood.

4- Yama is suddenly in a straighjacket. Luckily it has practiced getting out of them.

5- You hear a bang, but it's too late, you are flying out of a cannon...if you are lucky, into a lake...if hurt.

6- A minor natural disaster starts. Well fuck.

7- Time goes really slow for everyone around...plenty of time to think about your plans....but sitting in the middle of your flying kick is really discouraging.

8- all enemies start bleeding uncontrollably from any existing wounds....if there are none they get a slight nosebleed.

9- Yama falls briefly unconcious.

10- Everything is backwards....yama actually fights better like this.

11- Moose....mose everywhere.

12- The end is nigh....ask not. know not.

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The Headshot Whore

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PostSubject: Re: Yama Black from Improbable Island   Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:36 am

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Yama Black from Improbable Island
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