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 Bo du Pontiac from Super[HUMAN]

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PostSubject: Bo du Pontiac from Super[HUMAN]   Bo du Pontiac from Super[HUMAN] I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 4:13 pm

Name: Bo du Pontiac

Titles: Never.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Bo du Pontiac from Super[HUMAN] Commis10

Personality: Insomnia (as you know) can make the average human being an irritable, sarcastic, and bitter individual. As it does to Bo. He freely admits that he is moody, selfish, and rather petty. Though, he'd like to point out that you would be too if every time you reached for your coffee it scooted 6 inches out of your reach.

He's not the most approachable guy, but if you can tolerate him it's worth the occasional angry outburst. He's very smart and driven, and once he considers you a friend you'll never be in need again.

Believe it or not, Bo resents being wealthy. He chose to live in a small, dingey apartment just to avoid looking like a rich snob. Bo is incredibly self-conscious, and worries more about how other people perceive him than he does about the well-being of those very people.

His New Orleans accent is quite thick, but he's managed to adapt his speech patterns to a more local configuration. He's adopted the habit of swearing loudly when distressed, but doesn't like the word "fuck" very much.

Natural Abilaties: Dodging was an integral part of Bo's life, and his reflexes have sharpened considerably over the years. Other than that, he's known to be a fabulous artist with charcoal and/or oil paints.

Power(s): Bo's ability contributes greatly to his anger issues. Whenever he experiences strong emotions (which is quite often with a temper as short and explosive as his), his body seems to repel objects from him. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the force of the repel. It doesn't seem to repel his feet from the ground unless he jumps, at which point he doesn't land fully - just levitates above the ground before he can hit it.

Now, he's never had anything like a bullet shot at him, so he's not sure how strong this repelling force can be. He first discovered his abilities when a man tried to bash a bottle over his head at a bar and it bounced off of the air about 6 inches above his head, forced the man's arm backwards so that he broke the bottle over his head instead, and knocked him unconscious.

History: Growing up in New Orleans was an experience for Bo. He comes from a very wealthy family, which still reflects in his clothes and home decor. Growing up, he always had the best - the best home schooling, the best clothes, the best furniture, the best food - whatever he wanted. Most of the time he preferred to be out in the city, however. He would take a wallet full of money and visit the local coffee shops and bookstores.

The beauty and intrigue of the city kept him out and about late into the night - just wandering and wondering. This also exposed him to a lot of...unsavory activities. Any man who would offer a cigarette to a 9 year old boy is questionable at best, and he practiced his stranger danger routine twenty-thirty times a night.

As he grew into his teens, Bo started to take them up on those offers. He was becoming increasingly depressed, his parents having divorced on his 14th birthday and his mother dying of a heart attack shortly thereafter. His father turned to drinking to numb his pain. Bo gave up on trying to make him stop, avoiding his angry drunken rants by staying out until the junkies started offering him needles. That was about the time he crept in through the back door and prayed that his father was asleep. Some nights, his father would follow him out and demand he come home in a drunken stupor. Their arguments were fantastic and often resulted in one or the other unconscious on the street.

Eventually Bo and his father racked up a pretty big reputation in the city for their public arguments and he decided it was time for a move. It would be his luck that the first week of college (which he signed up for out of boredom and a weak hope that he would blend in better) in his new home would be interrupted by the Red Sun.

Currently he lives with his girlfriend, Chantal, in a dingey little apartment with surprisingly refined furniture and decor.
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Bo du Pontiac from Super[HUMAN]
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