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 Teaser - Deicide

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PostSubject: Teaser - Deicide   Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:31 am

A tune drifted through the nighttime air, hovering and harmonizing with the summer air, and the swirling cacophony of city traffic; concrete walls and lit storefront’s, a backdrop to the winding weave of events that accompanies any vast place of habitation.

Among the many people milling about the sidewalk, was the source of the tune.
She hummed as she walked, skirting carefully around those who bustled past, as well as those few who stopped and stared at her in wonder. They were the ones more aware, and she gave them a wide berth.

She was, she knew, taking a risk. Her song would entrance and turn away any pursuers of a normal sort, but with that came the unspoken burden of her abilities. Anyone not warded off would doubtless be drawn in, and those drawn in would very likely be something far more dangerous than the curious bystanders around her.
She let out a relieved sigh as she reached her front door. She was fairly certain she hadn’t been followed. Finally, she stopped her song, turning the key in its lock, and quickly ducking into her apartment.

She leaned back against the door, letting her tension out in one deep, calming breath. She discarded her jacket in the entryway closet, and walked into her living room.

As she was about to flick on the light, she froze.

There was a man sitting, looking at her from her couch.

She dove back into the entryway, ripping a gun from the hidden pocket of her jacket. She would not go out like this, not after she had just started to make headway.

She crouched down, gun cocked, and waited. She waited for what seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes. The silence was oppressive, pervasive.

When the man spoke, she jumped, her hands shaking.

“Greetings Euterpe.” He said, his voice somehow echoing through the small space.

“I trust you are well?”

Her heart was in her throat, but when she spoke, her voice was clear and steady.
“You have me at a disadvantage.” She said coolly. “Who are you? One of Mars’s errand boys? Another fucking satyr perhaps?” She nearly spat the last question.

For a time there was silence. Then, “So Jupiter’s little faction is hunting minors as well, hmm. I suppose I’ll have to tell Ra that he’s not as original as he thinks he is.”

Euterpe’s blood ran cold. Whoever this was, he was high enough up in the pecking order to talk directly to one of the twelve.

“Who are you?” She murmured, dreading the answer.

“My name is Anubis.” he said, his voice like silk.

She sat there, leaning up against the hard wood of the closet door, and wondered if she would get as far as the door if she tried to bolt.

“And you’re here to, what, capture me?” she said, hoping that she didn’t sound as desperate as she felt.

When Anubis answered, he sounded almost sympathetic.

“They don’t send death-gods to retrieve hostages I’m afraid.” He said.

She stood slowly, sliding up the door, using it to support her. She took a step to the side, and then pivoted around the corner, gun pointed at the intruder’s head.

He was still sitting, calmly looking at her. He had dark hair, and tanned skin, but what struck her was the eyes. In the darkness, they were reflective, like the eyes of an animal. As she shifted, and the man turned his head slightly, she could swear that she saw slavering wolfish jaws, but the moment passed.

In a different situation, she could picture the man working in some fancy coffee shop, immaculately dressed, and with the barest hint of an accent.

She aimed between the eyes, and there was a bang. His head snapped back, a spray of blood spattering the wall. She swallowed, knowing, hoping, that the police would be here any minute. Surely she would be safe in prison…or, safer…

But she had just killed one of the main deities in the- She let out a short scream as the man’s head snapped back up, a grin on his suddenly wolf-like face.

“Does that work on satyrs?” He asked softly.

She began to back up, each shaky step taking her closer to freedom, to crowds that would hide her from the jackal’s wrath; but there was a shape now in the room, something huge, and predatory, she screamed in earnest as it pounced, huge jaws mere inches from her face.

She realized that she was flat on her back; the giant animal’s clawed from paws on each of her shoulders. The man, the jackal, now hidden from her view chuckled.

“Ammit…” she heard him say. “…Feast.”


Case 7764:

2:35 AM June 28
Answered a call about gunshots, and sounds of a struggle occurring at 1438 Sunset Apts.

First responders entered the home of one Terra Johnson.

Signs of struggle apparent. Blood and bone fragments were found, but DNA evidence is still being processed.

Initially identified as a robbery gone wrong, and then a wild animal attack. Lab results pending. No bodies found at the scene, one firearm, empty, found.

We are investigating a symbol painted on the wall in what we believe to be the victims’s blood.

It appears to be comprised of a crook symbol, Crossed with an ancient Egyptian ankh.

More information to follow.

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Teaser - Deicide
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