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PostSubject: Ellen Albanson "The Phoenix"   Ellen Albanson "The Phoenix" I_icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2014 6:14 am

Name: Ellen "Ell" Albanson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Ell, after two years in the company of her adoptive father Doc Rixon has made a fair bit of progress in terms of confidence, though she still has a great deal of fear related to people in general. She has made a valiant effort to work through her trauma, an effort not helped by her burgeoning powers. Finally able to count on a steady presence however, she has started to open up somewhat, though she is still obviously nervous near most strangers. This is due both to her childhood, and, more recently, her tendency to cause massive fires without meaning to. When at ease, Ell is playful and obviously intelligent, with a temper to match her abilities. Luckily, the person she tends to be around is well equipped to reign in her sometimes overly-reckless ideas, especially given his recent (and to Ell, quite relieving) Tendency towards being entirely fireproof.

Abilities: As one of the seven, Ell's power is theoretically limitless. In practice, Ell has a very hard time avoiding being completely overwhelmed by the sheer energy she wields. Made more complicated by the fact that her powers are tied into what she "Thinks" she can do, the end result, when combined with her early childhood, is that she has historically tried to avoid using her power altogether. On the four major occasions she has done so, the end result has varied drastically. On two occasions, the result was massive destruction, first unintentional, then intentional. The third time, the result was a dead demigod, and directly after, a miraculously alive adoptive parent. It's hard to say what her upper limit would be, but until she is properly trained, which is unlikely, that will remain a mystery. As with all of the seven, cold obsidian and pure bronze causes her pain and, with prolonged contact, the complete inability to use her abilities.

Appearance: Ell is, and has always been, somewhat petite, not that it shows with the baggy, often hooded garments she tends to wear. Her hair is a fiery red, significantly closer to an actual crimson than the bright orange-gold of most other redheads, and her eyes are a bright amber color. Given that even dying her hair doesn't work for much longer than an hour or two, she tends to disguise herself by simply cutting it fairly short, and wearing hoods. When not wearing heavy coats and such, Ell still tends to wear wristbands and long socks. These are not so much a fashion statement as a way to cover up her manacle scars, a stringent reminder of what she is up against. Her wardrobe changes rather often, not least of all because stress tends to cause flare-ups.

Items of note: Ell still carries the half-melted locket that she retrieved from William Cain. Apart from that, she carries a semi-automatic Glock, magazine loaded with bronze tipped bullets. While Doc gave it to her, and trained her to use it, he still has some reservations about her reaction to kickback.

History: Ell's life began with the secession of two hundred and eighteen others. Before she was even an hour old, she was the center of a pyroclasmic blaze. If she had been lucky, simply being an orphan would have been her lot. She was not lucky. Though she grew up to the age of seven in foster homes, the second time a great fire began around her, she was kidnapped by the Orsei Dengali, an organization dedicated to finding the seven mantles. Suffice it to say that the Orsei are a scholarly organization, and suffice it also to say that they do not consider the bearers of the mantles human beings. Ell's upbringing to the age of twelve was not pleasant. When carelessness on the part of one her captors allowed her to vent the full force of her rage and fear, she caused an event large enough to obliterate the entire compound in which she was being housed. Unfortunately, as most of the operations took place underground, though she escaped, she was not home free. Over the next year, Ell went on the run as best she could, leaving a trail of rubble and pursuers behind her. The Orsei nearly had her when she broke her leg trying to escape over a rooftop. But for a kind passerby, they would have. It was at the hospital that the Orsei made their one big mistake. They pissed off the wrong doctor. One does not, as a rule, try to threaten a man nicknamed Stonewall with a knife. One absolutely does not tell him that they are taking his patient, who happens to have a broken leg, and sure as fuck do not try to handcuff him to a hospital bed. The Orsei did all of these things, and for their trouble, they got one of their operatives thrown out the window, and another two put in the same hospital they had tried to take their quarry in. Deciding to wait until Ell was out of the hospital, to avoid undue notice by the authorities, the Orsei bided their time. They bided it a bit to long as it happened, long enough that they failed to notice until it was far too late, that a tip had been called about their "Kidnapping ring". When they finally managed to sort out the distraction, Ell was gone, along with "Stonewall" Rixon. At first, Ell saw Doc as more of a means to an end, wherein the end was getting the hell out of dodge. As time went on however, the two grew to enjoy eachothers company; no mean feat for either. It was some time before Doc realized that Ell could pull fire from thin air, and longer still before he fully believed what he was seeing. All good things must end however, and eventually, the Orsei did catch up, this time with a trained mantle of their own. After a drawn out confrontation, Ell, driven by terror, lost control of her power completely, killing several people, and gravely injuring her rival mantle. Her fire reached the point where it began consuming her, threatening to unleash a cataclysmic event. Long story short, Doc kept his promise, that he would overcome anything he needed to, that he would be there to clean up "whatever goddamned mess" she made. When he brought her back to her physical body, Ell was severely wounded. The situation was complicated by the fact that she was still very much on fire. Doc decided that saving her life was more important than not getting the skin burned off his hands. It worked out about how one might expect. For three months afterwards, the two did little but recover; one from a several deep flesh wounds, the other, from three bullets, and some rather severe burns. It was near the end of this time that the two decided that they were mutually better off staying with each-other in the long-term. Unfortunately, rest and recovery can't last forever, and certainly cant last forever when someone with dominion over two of the mantles decides that a third would be nice. Without going into a great amount of detail, three people met on a city skyline. One was a self proclaimed god, the second, a warrior, and the third, a fledgling phoenix. Ell, overcome by trauma and several deeply ingrained responses was unable to muster more than sparks against the "God". To the demigod's surprise and annoyance however, he was unable to simply brush aside his prey's protector. In the end, when taunts and minor violence didn't work, The "God" resorted to something he had hoped not to have to do. He shot the warrior in the heart. What he had been worried about happened, and in spades. Ell got mad, really mad. The battle that followed destroyed a good part of three city blocks. When it was over, the "god" had been reduced to a fraction of his power. He had found out the hard way that trying to take peoples mantles didn't make them actually yours. Ell then turned to the next order of business. She utterly refused to let the person she had come to consider a father die from some utter asshole shooting him of all things. She became fire; not the burning form of fire, but true fire, a force of renewal in all forms. Even that might not have been enough, but for the unfailing stubbornness of one Stonewall Rixon, who, much in the same sentiment as Ell, refused downright to die to some moron with a pointlessly flashy popgun. The timing was good. Within moments of being brought back from the brink of death, Doc managed to save Ell from being summarily blasted into a crisp by, well, standing directly in front of the blast, in a move that should, by all rights, have completely negated the whole being brought back to life thing. Instead, Doc stood there, ruffled, but sure as hell not dead, and proceeded to shoot the pompous "god" in the head with a bronzed bear-slug. That was the end of that guy. Since then, Doc has officially adopted Ell, not without some clever forgery, given that her original documentation was, well, burned. Now, it's hard to say whether things are looking bright, but at the very least, they're looking interesting.

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