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PostSubject: Doc "Stonewall" Rixon   Doc "Stonewall" Rixon I_icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2014 4:43 am

Name: Samuel D. Rixon

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Personality: Externally, Doc Rixon might seem like a surly and unpleasant individual, a great deal of that is merely his lack of what could reasonably be called people skills. He seems to dislike nearly everyone, simply because they fall under the category of person I might have to interact with. This said, once he grows attached to someone, he is loyal to a fault. He may not be very good at affection (Or even common courtesy) but when it comes down to it, a burly dude with a sawed off and a doctorate in medicine is a good guy to have around.

Abilities: Up until recently, nothing out of the ordinary, however, after he was infused with Ell's blood, he began to display traces of her power. Most notably, his body has gained a massive amount of durability.

Appearance: Doc strikes quite a form. He is nearly six-foot-five, with storm-grey eyes, grey-streaked black hair, and eyebrows to shame all others. In combination with this, he sports a mustache-beard combo which altogether gives him a perpetually grumpy look. He is usually wearing a black lather trench-coat, a memento of times past; and a black flat-cap. He tends to perpetually wear gloves, as his hands, though recovered, still show the scars of severe burns, as do, to a lesser degree, his forearms. Were you to look farther, you would find a bullet scar directly over his heart, and several far older war-wounds, long since healed.

Items of note: Doc carries three weapons at nearly all times. One is an eight-chamber revolver named Lock. In his right boot he carries a long black dagger named Shock. Finally, held in a holster within his coat, he has a sawed off shotgun named Barrel.

History: Doc has seen a lot, more than most people ever have to see. He's seen wars fought for no cause, and friends lost to the blood and corroded glory; he's seen the rise of a tyrant, and the terror of his fall. He has seen a god brought to his knees, and blew his brains out for good measure. He has seen the sky rip itself apart, and most miraculous of all, he has seen the child left in his care burn with the fires of the sun. When you look in his eyes, the glint you see there is the steel of resolve, hardened and sharpened through years of battle, in and out of the trenches; so if you want to find the heir to fire, if you want the phoenix girl... Go on, give it a try, but if you want the phoenix, you'll have to go through the wall.

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Doc "Stonewall" Rixon
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