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    PostSubject: Re: Secure, "Contain", Protect.   Secure, "Contain", Protect. I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 8:55 pm

    Marco glared at the door of his pod. Oh sure, Maxwell could have put him in some existential horribleness, but no, the De-facto leader of hell was too smart for that. He let him sit there. In the pod. With nothing to do. Marco went into one of his usual five second long hate-flails, pounding away at the inside of the pod before sitting back to brood again. Toxic smoke roiled around him in his anger, before it was promptly sucked out through the vents, and a mocking sound clip of Maxwell laughing played for the ninety-seventh time that day.

    Marco ground his teeth. He vented more smoke, got laughed at, and then, the one thing happened that he had really and truly not expected. The pod door opened. He blinked. "Wait...YES!" He yelled, blasting out of his metal prison, clouds of noxious fumes roiling off him as he laughed maniacally. It might have been intimidating were his voice not four octaves higher than his former deep baritone.

    Then he noticed an imp of some standing by his now breached pod. He blinked. "Uh..." Marco said, suddenly feeling a bit self conscious about his laughing fit. "...Hi."

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    PostSubject: Re: Secure, "Contain", Protect.   Secure, "Contain", Protect. I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 9:00 pm

    Zane was thrown unceremoniously from the handle of the door as it was flung open. He scrambled to his feet and glared up at Marco, nose wrinkling as the smell of toxic smoke hit him. Coughing violently, he tried to wave the fumes away.

    "Ugh...No wonder Maxwell didn't want to do this one himself." He muttered. Then, a bit more audibly. "You're free for now. We have work to do. As long as we do it, we'll be permitted to roam as needed." He paused to think about whether or not he would be taken seriously. With a sigh he crossed his arms and mumbled "We're going to go tame and restrain a giant dinosaur goddess from the dawn of time."
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