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 Dj. Bashy From Digital Decay

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PostSubject: Dj. Bashy From Digital Decay   Dj. Bashy From Digital Decay I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2014 5:58 am

Dastix D. Bashalix Aka DJ. Bashy
Dj. Bashy From Digital Decay Pimp_i10

Strength - 5
Speed - 50
Luck - 0
Perception - 5
Imagination - 100
Determination - 100
Coldness - Minimum 10
HP = 40
Rank = Rookie
Race = Banished elemental - He went rouge, froze over a few dimensions, and was summarily sentenced to death and humiliation by his fellow natural powers. Death wasn't really a big deal, but then they turned him human. This was, for reasons that do not translate well from elemental into human, extremely humiliating. His power massively diminished, he found himself, literally, and figuratively, in hell, which was due to a filing error as he was supposed to be wiped from existence instead. Rather than this, and not quite understanding what was going on, Maxwell assumed that he was not supposed to be there. he sent him up to earth for a while, before realizing (About three years later) That he wasn't supposed to be there either. By then, the elemental had been "Influenced" By the human world. He was still not happy about being human, so Maxwell spliced him with a hell-bear. It didn't help.


* Chill out - Bashy can cause all surfaces he is in contact with to become extremely icy, either creating walls to block them, or making them fall down because horribly slippery.

* Hand of the Perfect Incredible Massive Power - Bashy covers his hands in extremely hard ice, amplifying the damage of his strikes, as well as instantly applying his frostbite effect.

* Ice Cold Killer - You called him a bear didn't you? Well you're fucked now. Bashy is gonna start a new ice age, starting with your sorry ass. Unlike most tier 3 abilities, Ice Cold Killer is not an immediate burst of damage, rather, it is one hell of a buff, Bashy gains resistance to all damage equal to twice his coldness plus the percentage of his health that is missing. In addition, all damage that Bashy would do gains a bonus equal to his coldness plus the percentage of his health that is missing. Lastly, Bashy gains a speed bonus equal to his coldness plus the difference in his speed and the fastest enemy in his proximity. Ice Cold Killer lasts for 1-10 turns, determined by a D6 + 1 for each 24% of his health missing.


* Chilled out - Bashy is utterly unaffected by heat attacks of any kind, be they heat or cold. Hes a goddamned elemental.

* Fuzzy vengeance - Any enemy who deals damage to Bashy becomes marked. For ten further turns, that enemy suffers a reduction to their speed equal to half of Bashy's coldness.

* Frostbite - Each attack that Bashy lands brings an enemy's frostbite counter up by one (Unless otherwise specified.) Or two for ten rounds, if Bashy halves his current coldness to imbue his attacks. When an enemy reaches four stacks, they take damage equal to Bashy's coldness plus 50% of their missing health.


* Creates ice all over the damned place.

* Is extremely pimp.

* Excellent survivability.


* Explosive temper.

* Is cute and fuzzy.

* Has difficulty with long range combat.

* Coca-cola. Rarer than you might think in hell.


* I
* Don't
* Feel
* Like
* Filling
* This
* Out!

Appearance: It is a mystery.

Personality: Man, this motherfucker is coooooold.... No, but really, hes kind of an asshole. He tries to hide his mortifying sadness at his fate by being a complete bastard, but honestly hes kind of like a lost five year old who got put into time out for knocking over the TV, and then manged to get lost in the woods and accidentally become gangster.

A little bit of history: No.

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Dj. Bashy From Digital Decay
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