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 Gail Cercia From I dont Know!

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PostSubject: Gail Cercia From I dont Know!   Gail Cercia From I dont Know! I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 08, 2014 7:58 am

Name:Gail Cercia

Age: 23

Appearance: Gail is of average height, thin, with long black hair, usually set into a series of long braids down her back. She is pale, and a bit frail-looking. Her eyes are an uncanny violet that seems to brighten into hues of red when she is afraid, passionate, or angry. She has several piercings, but most of them, save the tongue stud aren't visible, as she seems to be constantly dressed in heavy layers. She seems to be wearing gloves nigh on constantly, even, and, seemingly especially, while sleeping, and dresses to all but eliminate and visible skin, outside of her face. When not wearing a large hoody, Gail would, perhaps, be considered beautiful, but her intense nervousness around people, coupled with her extremely conservative dress style makes her seem rather unapproachable.

Powers: Gail is the conduit through which the earth flows. It only by virtue of her constant concentration that everything touching her does not turn to stone, and metal and crystal. She has trained herself to focus her affliction through her hands, a method that has allowed her to narrow her focus to her limbs, rather than her entire body. That said, direct skin contact with her is essentially a death warrant, with the chances of your molecular structure crystallizing rising exponentially for each moment that you force her to split her focus between you and her own body. It is not merely transformation that makes her dangerous however, in fact, it would be fair to say that this is more or less the least that her affliction will do. When she loses control, what she is capable of, and often unable to prevent is rather apocalyptic. For this reason, she has trained herself, over time, to retreat inwards rather than expand outwards, lest her abilities rip apart the entire area around her. Suffice it to say, if you see a twenty foot diameter sphere of pure black rock floating in midair somewhere, don't screw with it, or you might get a half-insane earth goddess very angry. The reason that this affliction is so problematic is that it builds up. If it were merely a question of concentration, Gail would likely have very few problems; the issue is that not using the powers she has trapped inside her is both horribly uncomfortable, and extremely fatiguing, growing ever more so until she finally gives in to their lure. It is a constant battle not only with discomfort, but with temptation, because letting her power flow is one of the most exhilarating experiences Gail could ever have. It is only her early experiences with her "Gift" That has prevented her from simply letting herself go, from letting herself slip into the deep void of peace at the center of her own personal storm.

Background: I will write this if i can tomorrow, or never if the trend continues....still, id like to finish her, even if i never get to put her anywhere, because, at least for the moment, the idea of her is unreasonably strong in my brain.

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Gail Cercia From I dont Know!
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