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PostSubject: Russel Kingsley from Deadmind   Russel Kingsley from Deadmind I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 02, 2013 3:34 pm

Let me tell you of a force crashing through my veins

Name: Russel Kingsley

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Russel Kingsley from Deadmind Deadmi10

Personality: Russel is...Well, he's a short-tempered little punk who likes to break things. He certainly isn't an honor roll student in terms of intelligence, but he does have a good amount of common sense. Granted he doesn't always listen to the good advice he gives himself, but he knows when his idea is a stupid one. He doesn't generally think ahead all that far. Russel has a very lock-on mentality. Not much can distract him once he's focused on something or someone. Once he has made up his mind to do something, he does it. Right then and there. Patience? What patience? Russel is also incredibly lucky. Random streaks of good luck are a pretty regular thing for him. He's quite superstitious when it comes to luck, actually. He's not religious, is generally a skeptic, and doesn't believe in the paranormal (past zombies but that's kind of difficult for him to deny), but he's all about lucky rituals and objects.

To hell with humanity!

Weapons: At one point Russel did attempt to make use of long-range weaponry, but that didn't work out so well. He pretty much broke every bow he touched and did not have the patience to learn how to aim a gun properly. He has settled on carrying around a large rebar club strapped to his back. He keeps a small hunting knife in his boot but he uses that as a utility more than a weapon.


Immune: Apparently not.

Carrier: Also apparently not.

Better off not asking about what you'd rather forget

History: Well I hope you weren't expecting some exciting or heartwarming story, because Russ doesn't have one. He grew up in a low-income home, dropped out of high school, got arrested twice for stealing and vandalism, snuck into concerts, never did anything legally if he didn't have to, and then got himself infected. Nothing miraculous happened. Nothing special. His mother worked two jobs and his father was a drunk and rarely ever came home. He had no siblings. He was just a guy.

Trigger happy zombie
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Russel Kingsley from Deadmind
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