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 Jamie Locke from Don't Rest Your Head

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PostSubject: Jamie Locke from Don't Rest Your Head   Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:06 pm

My name is: Jamie Locke

And i am: an 18 year old girl who looks far more sane than I really am. I'd almost call myself "normal" in appearance, with my light grey hoodie and faded jeans ripped up at the knees. I'm slightly taller than average, quite thin and have a generally "bossy" stance (According to others) . I walk with confidence, because the shadows move with me, and occasionally open their beady little eyes to warn you of it.

What has been keeping you awake?: I've been living in the Tunnels with the rats for quite some time now. When I first came to Mad City it was because of that maddening scratchy sound...And it hasn't left me. The walls, the floor, and my head in general are alive with the sound of tiny, tiny claws...Not to mention the developing paranoia and growing irritation from living off of less than adequate food.

What just happened to you?: It's a bit blurry to me now. It was only 6 or 7 months ago but it feels like years in this hellhole. I remember searching my apartment for the source of the scratching noise that had plagued me for 4-5 months at the time. And I remember regretting finding the source of that noise very, very much. Drowning in a sea of rats I was dropped on the Rooftops with no direction.

What is on the surface?: I'm confidant, collected, sarcastic...I might even be enjoying my time here. I'm neither good nor bad, just convenient, and I don't see a reason to be any other way.

What lies beneath?: I wouldn't tell a soul that I'm this terrified and shaken. I've developed horrible Paranoia. But the creatures of Mad City know and love the taste of visible fear. I remain convenient, rather than any other alignment, but it's more as a chance of survival. Where I was once humble and kind at home, I've become the master of bluffing here.

What is your path?: I'm not sure why I'm here, I'm not sure what I'm doing or where I'm going. There's a nagging feeling at the back of my mind, one that turns into a dull stinging at the base of my skull on occasion, that tells me I have unfinished business. If nothing else, my curiosity is keeping me alive and moving in the forward direction. Well...that and my fear of death, which is the only other option if I don't move forward.


Madness: Rodent Herder; Well, most people are a little freaked out by rats. That's only because they can't sic them on people though.

1-2: That lever just out of reach? That key to the cell you're in? Too bad you only have those stubby little human limbs. Well, no, actually, you have rats, and their reach is a lot longer than yours, albeit, rather less individually.

3-4: You're in trouble now aren't you? You have enemies on all sides. Your fate is closing in, or, well, it would be. Luckily, you have friends in low places, and when they come up from their little hidey holes, their strength in numbers is nothing to laugh at.

5-6: Big problems often require tiny solutions. you've got about a billion of them, give or take, ready to crawl out of every crack of the mad city at your calling. In the end, if you can't solve it with a billion rats, it likely wasn't worth solving anyway.


Fight: 1
Flight: 2

(Jamie has a pet Rat that travels with her in her pocket at all times. She's taken to calling him Alex. He is all black with beady red eyes and claws that are slightly longer than usual. Alex enjoys sleeping, retrieving things and, much to his dismay, Damian's company. He hates loud noises and bright light. Alex has a rather inflated ego and a sarcastic, dry sense of humor.)

Your curse: Rat's are useful. Who wouldn't want them around? They're even better if you can see through their eyes, can direct them from afar. Of course, sometimes, you stay with the nest for a little longer than you had intended. Slowly, the lost time starts catching up with you. The hours that you spend flow into days, into weeks. One day you realize that you don't know where your body went. It doesn't really bother you. after all, there's food to be gotten. There's holes to be dug. Things to be seen. People to be caught... Gradually, there is no more you. Gradually, You becomes 'all of you', and there you are in a hundred different alleys, lying in wait by the thousands for your next meal to wander into you. You aren't a person anymore, you're just a "Rat Trap."
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PostSubject: Re: Jamie Locke from Don't Rest Your Head   Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:09 pm


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Jamie Locke from Don't Rest Your Head
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