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PostSubject: Tira Xereltes From Digital Decay   Tira Xereltes From Digital Decay I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2013 10:25 pm

Tira Remelos Elizabeth Xereltes
Tira Xereltes From Digital Decay Chusi_10

Strength - 81
Speed - 100
Luck - 0
Perception - 0
Imagination - 0
Determination - 41

HP = 40
Rank = Rookie
Race = Originally a massively oversized T-Rex, Then a massively oversized zombie T-Rex, then a false goddess, then a serial killer, then a real goddess, then a teenager with eye problems, with occasional bouts of the former things. Then she was dead again. We'll see how long it lasts this time.


* PREDATORY AURA- Anyone directly fighting Tira, is going to have some issues, because their brain is going to be telling them to run the flying fuck AWAY. they may not know that she is a gigantic predator who can eat them without even opening her mouth all the way, but their lizard brain can sure as hell tell. Due to this, if Tira takes a turn to roar at an enemy, that enemy will, depending on their power level 1. weak-Faint 2.Mid-Take a movement penalty 3. Strong-lose a stat bonus or buff. These stack for the record, so if an enemy is weak...well, they are also fucked, and lose all their buffs.

* LET ME TELL YOU, THIS SHIT HURTS!- Tira spews a whole bunch of lava from her mouth, at whatever she doesn't approve of.

* CALL OF THE WILD HUNT- Well someone fucked up... Did you steal her food or something? Too late now. Tira Takes up the mantle of the hunter god. She, and all of her allies become essentially immune to all damage for as long as the wild-hunt is active. All of her allies turn into a huge version of whatever animal or warrior they identify with, and become far faster and stronger, whilst her enemies become diminished, taking the form of small prey animals. Warning: It is easy to become lost in the wild-hunt and eat an enemy. If you are not Tira, this will probably make you completely mortified with yourself. That's the way it goes.


* Major Mass- Tira may appear to be a fairly small girl with a tail, and weird eyes, but this belies the many tons of hungry dinosaur that are cloaked within. She can choose to make use of as much or as little of this mass as she wants, Meaning that she can become something of an immovable object, or something of an unstoppable force, or both. With this comes her ability to partially or completely morph into her dino form.


* I ATE THAT BITCH!- Tira, being both a spiritual and physical being, has always really liked sacrifices, but sometimes people are late with the altar, and sluggish with the living sacrifices deal, so she occasionally has to take matters into her own hands
jaws. When she eats something, or someone, she becomes able to take on some of their power, or in the case of substances, their physical properties (Iron T-Rex Like a boss.) If she eats a person or creature, she can look through its thoughts and memories as well, not that she usually bothers.

* Re Arming- If Tira becomes significantly injured, but doesn't die, don't consider her down for the count. She hasn't survived for nigh on a half billion years by being easy to take down. Anything short of being cut in half will simply result in An angry Tira coming after you once she has healed.


* She's a Motherfucking T-Rex... You're damn right that's a strength.

* She can outmatch just about anyone in a straight up physical fight, partially due to the previously mentioned strength.

*She may not be the hardest to injure with the right firepower, but since she can just keep on coming, that isn't much comfort for her enemies.


* She can't see immobile foes....or anythings really.

* she get's very tired in cold environments.

* while genius level for a T-Rex, Tira isn't really what you could reasonably call smart... I mean, her vocabulary and general thoughts are fairly advanced, but her reasoning is....deeply flawed.


* Living things. A whole lot of them. Raw is preferable. Nobody really likes to watch Tira eat, not even bloodthirsty people.


* A slew of weird shit she has picked up over the eras.

* Not a whole lot else.

* Where the hell does she keep things like a random food dehydrator? No one knows.

Personality: Over the massive amount of time Tira has existed, she has been many things. these things range from an Aztec Goddess to a cannibalistic serial killer, but Tira herself has stayed more or less the same. Her outlook is one that seems quite philosophical, but is really just a reduction to the true basics. She feels that the universe exists, and because it exists, she can do things. since she can do things, she is going to explore eat and sleep until she decides to do something else. At best this means that she will try to fit into her environment and do whatever seems the most likely to continue her existence and enjoyment of the former. at worst, this means that she is grumpy, and is going to start breaking things....all the things.

A little bit of history: Tira was the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex that ever existed. She didn't care much about that, but it would become important later. For the first part of her life, she was just a massive lizard with a large appetite. she was pretty happy overall. she had things to eat, mammals to squash under her feet, and nice sunny spots to lie around in. Not much bothered her. Eventually however, she chased a rival T-Rex into an active volcano, which is when she found out she wasn't fond of lava. It was pretty much her last realization as a normal T-Rex. A long ass time later a large group of Aztec priests were trying to summon the great hunter god to aid them in war. The fucked it up somewhat, and a volcano erupted nearby. This was not nearly as surprising as the giant ass dinosaur that casually stomped out of it. For her part, Tira, now a zombie dinosaur, took the whole situation pretty well. she only wrecked three temples and stepped on a house before she was appeased by a couple human sacrifices.

Long story short, the Aztecs figured that this zombie T-Rex was already doing a lot more than their hunter god ever had, so they decided that she was a living embodiment of a new and more powerful god. They fed her a steady diet of enemy tribes-people, for which she developed a taste. Suffice it to say, that particular taste led to the utter destruction of a nation, but that's another story. In any case, eventually, having taken in and broken down the souls and bodies of so many people, Tira was finally noticed by an actual deity, who was getting a little miffed with the whole ordeal. He sent down a messenger angel to read Tira the riot act. She ate the riot act, then ate the angel, using its ascendance to follow its trail back to the deity, the hunter god that the Aztecs were trying to summon to begin with.

The deity bound her in a great net of power. He misjudged the distance however, and when she fell down, Tira crushed him and his throne. Over the course of a minor struggle, she managed to bite off the god's arms, which enacted a bit of a stalemate as neither party had limbs capable of reaching the other. Tira eventually realized she had a tail and ended the battle rather quickly. When the god was dead the net dispersed, and Tira had a snack, becoming a real goddess in the process. She carried on, completely wrecking shit in her confusion over her new godhood, until the Greek pantheon decided that was quite enough of that shit, and turned her into a mortal woman. This gave her a lot more brain capacity, which led her to wonder for the first time what the flying fuck was going on. Deciding eventually that it was irrelevant, Tira taught herself to walk without a tail, and went to look for food. After a certain amount of confusion about why there was a naked woman with black eyes just sort of walking around the Parthenon, several people decided that she was some sort of escaped slave. She contested this charge by killing the first three people to try to touch her. Eventually, through a rather convoluted series of events, Tira ended up in the gladiatorial ring. She was supposed to be an example, but ended up using the opportunity to eat a lion. This got a massive thumbs up from the emperor, who she was taken to (Rather wisely chained the hell up). the emperor was curious about where she had come from (And why she could strangle a lion to death.) When she told him that she was pretty much a cast down god, he was a little incredulous, until she shocked down a pillar by casually pushing it over, causing the roof to partially collapse. Then she had to try to explain that she was also a giant lizard, but also apparently human now?

The emperor did not know what the fuck to think about that, so he kept her around as an executioner. She was cool with that. Then the emperor died and someone stabbed her a number of times, before beheading her, which sucked. A few thousand years later Tira woke up as a baby, which was incredibly confusing. The year was 1994. Tira spent most of her time in various mental hospitals from pretty early on. Apparently, a young child being able to speak Greek and knock down houses was frowned upon. by the time she was seventeen however, Tira's decision to play along wavered. cooked meat was increasingly unsatisfying. One night, Tira walked out of her cell, through the concrete wall, and decided to go have a bite, she did this for a number of weeks. It turns out that having a bite of people in 21st century America is frowned upon, as the hail of gunfire she was brought down in attests to. She then found herself in hell, apparently having qualified, after living as a human twice....sort of. Maxwell got a bit of a surprise when he was filing her in the human souls category, and a giant T-Rex suddenly burst through the wall of his office. he was surprised enough to just sit there looking confused, which was probably just as well since it meant that Tira couldn't see him. Getting over his surprise via calamity yelling at him in his earpiece, Maxwell decided that he was going to need a new file. he had humans, demons, gods, angels, monsters....he had never thought he would need a file for dinosaurs. He made one, before shrinking Tira down to three inches tall and putting her in a jar. Tira was somewhat distressed by this, and became even more distressed when she woke up in a sort of pod thing cold enough to make her tail frosty. Then she got damn tired.

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