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PostSubject: Marco Malice From Digital Decay   Marco Malice From Digital Decay I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 8:24 am

Marco Morlen Malice (Mavastiel The Absolute)

Marco Malice From Digital Decay Thank_10

Strength - 91
Speed - 4
Luck - 0
Perception - 5
Imagination - 41
Determination - 91

HP = 25 (yes i literally put his health at 1/4 of normal and transferred into stat points. You'll see.)
Rank = Rookie
Race = Former harbringer of the circle of the apocalypse. So, technically a godling?


* PESTILISE- the enemy or enemies are engulfed in a cloud of locusts that stream from Marco's Exhaust pipes. Generally they can do little but distract and be mildly painful, but with a little more oomph, Marco can also set the locusts on fire, or make them poisonous, which makes them a bit more hazardous.

* ZOMBIES BITCH!- after screaming just this, likely as a response to a question like "And just what hope do you think you have now that i have you cornered?" Marco rips open a portal to one of his former 'conquests, and unleashes a swarm of the undead. The variety seems to vary, but inevitably, there are a goddamn lot of them.

* INSTANT CATACLYSM- Just add Malice. Air raid sirens start to blare from everywhere and nowhere, and radiation fallout warning signs begin to appear all around. This is pretty much all the warning that the enemy gets before they are utterly annihilated in a nuclear blast many times more powerful than any bomb that it would be possible to make within the laws of physics. Of course, this blast goes where, and only where Marco chooses. Granted, he isn't really subtle, but he can prevent excess collateral, if he really needs to. At least the fallout isn't a problem, since he just eats it.


* Gift of Famine- The first of the Horseman's gifts, passive effects that, when they are all assembled, make Marco a bit of a nightmare to fight. The gift of Famine's effect is that any enemies directly fighting Marco will slowly begin to get debuffs to their determination stat, and, if that becomes zero, their strength, if that is zero, their speed, making them more and more damageable the longer the battle goes on.

* Pitch Perfect- There is constantly one sort of horrible slime or another emanating from Marco, it isn't his fault though, he was born that way....well sort of anyway. Being a harbringer (or a former harbringer in this case) Means that you have an area of expertise, for Marco, that was, and is, devastation through smog, waste and fallout. Being a literal avatar of the worst and most volatile compounds that exist, Marco is both completely immune to essentially all types of poison and bacteria, and able to use these very things as weapons, tools of the trade if you will. This also allows Marco to quite comfortably (More comfortably really) Breathe, eat and spread such horribleness as far as possible.

* Bad tidings- Around Marco, for better or worse, the remnants of his Harbinger powers cause any situation he is involved in to result in a massively larger amount of damage and mayhem than would otherwise happen. He can direct this to some degree, which is worrisome both for his enemies, and for hell at large.


* Hard as hell to keep down, given his rather incredible endurance.

* Hits like a freaking jackhammer, both with his nuclear waste talons, and with the mass of explosives which are his preferred mode of ranged combat, and leaving notes. (Fuck your sticky notes bitch! Have a grenade... you should really read more quickly than that, notice the lack of pin...")

*Huge large scale attack power. Good at fighting groups.


* Not really very fact, given the smokers cough that breathing nothing but nuclear waste gives you, not much for moving above the pace of a brisk walk.

* Because they knew that if they didn't he would just blow up hell, the Circle removed basically all of Marco's mantle (The power that made him essentially a minor god.) which had the side effect of making his actual amount of life very very small. sure, he can take a hit like a boss, but not a whole lot of them.

* Marco is a massively depressive person, not helped much by his current situation of being essentially a spec of dust compared to his former power. It must be added however that Marco is depressed and made happy again by mostly the opposite things as normal people. Horrible death-defying situation? Hell yes! Peace quiet and a nice gesture? Life isn't worth living. Maxwell's theory is that the circle ingrained this into him as a way to up his destructive productivity.


* Depleted uranium dust, snorted like coke mostly... Plutonium will do in a pinch.

* He is very fond of the ashes of things, living things. the more powerful the thing that is burnt to a crisp is, the more of a hit he gets off it....yeah he's a little fucked up.


* many....fucking...grenades. Missiles...IEDs, mines, small nuclear devices...list goes on.

* A wire brush to clean out his exhaust pipes.

* An amulet thing shaped like a gear. Inside is a picture of what appears to be a small white horse with pure black eyes and shadows flowing from its hooves. He shows it to no-one, and anyone who happens to see it is generally dealt with immediately and harshly.

* A full cigar rolling and making kit, with only the best materials. that and a supply of ashes of undisclosed origin to roll into aforementioned cigars.

Personality: Marco is a self obsessed egotist with illusions of grandeur (Mitigated by the fact that he actually used to have grandeur) and a large supply of vitriol to throw at the world in general. Seeing as he used to be about twelve feet tall, and godlike, and is now about five foot six, and just mildly smoggy, he's a little sensitive about his height and powers. In all honesty though, behind the anger, Marco is just really freaked out by his situation, and is trying not to go into a depressive stupor. Causing ruin seems to help, and there seems to be plenty of ruin to cause, so hes just focusing on the day to day for the time being.

A little bit of history: Marco, younger brother to the horseman death, was primarily responsible for destroying offshoot timelines completely, and with relish, ridding the universe of its backwash by utterly annihilating any and all offshoot planets, or, well, everything elses. He was good at his job. Too good. He ran out of offshoot timelines. He could have waited for more to appear, sure, but, what the hell, he figured, couldn't hurt to take a crack at something more important, might even get promoted.

Long story short, He blew up pluto and several thousand star systems. the star systems were an issue, but pluto is what got him dismantled. apparently that was his brother's territory, and death wasn't really known for being a nice guy, especially not to Marco. Now Marco finds himself (For the sake of irony, he assumes) in hell. He figured that shit would just blow over, but it's been a couple thousand years, and he is getting pretty sure that everyone but his uncle famine (who came to play cards a few times) Had forgotten he was there. It was at this point that he rose from the depths, and was immediately sucker-punched by some asshole claiming to be the one running hell, before being stuck in a room with one chair and a very irritable badger. After the badger managed to lodge itself in one of his exhaust pipes, Marco decided enough was enough, and blew up a large portion of his surroundings.

The asshole from before, introducing himself now as Maxwell asked if Marco was responsible for the situation. Forgetting he was no longer all powerful, Marco said he had. Maxwell kicked him right in the balls and stuffed him in a pod with a ventilation system to stop him from collecting his smoke, and his power. Since then, Marco has become just a tiny bit angry....okay, really goddamn angry, and it's about time to smash some heads...

Marco Malice From Digital Decay 1326329533826-1

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Marco Malice From Digital Decay
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