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 Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands

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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands   Sun May 26, 2013 5:40 am

Well, you wanted it, we brought it. After all, an apocolypse without hordes of raiders and bandits is like a gentleman without a mustache, which is to say, a rather poor apocolypse indeed! So, without further ado, The horrors of the ganglands will be unleashed.

First of all, let it be stated from the get go that Bass line: BoB is a seperate campaign from the alpha, and so, will not interact much with the situations pertaining to the cities directly, unless we are raiding that shit. We are way past cities here folks, you're in the bandlands now, and in the bandlands, you either put up or get shut up.

The mechanics of the "Bands" the gangs of maestros that have set out to make their not entirely legitimate fortunes with likeminded individuals, are a bit different than the normal ones.

The first thing, and one of the things that make the bands a serious threat is the playlist system.

The playlist effect is what happens when a large number of people unfied under a single banner so to speak, and with much the same mindset unclouded by the 'ambient noise' of random people, like those in the cities. This effect allows a theme or type of music to become the base of the maestro power united within it.

In practical terms, this means that for each band, a playlist in itunes or WMP will be formed (we will discuss how this will work) With primarily that type of music. Unfortunately, no band is perfect, and for any playlist, a few completely out of charachter songs will randomly be inserted. the larger the selection, the less this will happen (Basically because if we have a playlist small enough to be predictable it takes all the chance out of things.)

So yeah, we will expand further on this, but basicaly, we will make more charachters, and any thread started for bassline: BoB must be labeled with "BoB-" With the thread title after the dash.

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The Headshot Troll

Posts : 542
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PostSubject: Re: Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands   Mon May 27, 2013 10:42 pm

Band Form

Band Name:


Music type:


Band Profile:

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The Headshot Troll

Posts : 542
Join date : 2012-01-15

PostSubject: Re: Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands   Mon May 27, 2013 11:07 pm

Band Name: The Psychotechnic World Enders' Society of Conspiritors A.K.A The Enders

Leader(s): Carmeus Vaus

Music type: Industrial rock/electronica, etc.

Location: The Enders have created one of the most solid and menacing fronts outside of the main cities in a place they call the Grindhouse. It is thought that the top players in the Enders worked together to construct the gigiantic complex, which stands out against the four miles or so of utterly burned and blackened land that surrounds it. The grindhouse itself is a giant cube of shiny black metal, with no windows or obvious doors. The smokestacks at the top however seem to be constantly at work. Inside it is said however, is a picture of oppulent insanity, not that anyone outside the band has ever left after entering to tell about it.

Band Profile: The enders are one of the most feared and mysterious bands inhabiting the Wastes. Unlike many other bands, they seem to target only huge targets, eschewing much of the smalltime raiding that supports most other bands. They Have sometimes been known to go so far as to attack the cities themselves, but always withdraw before any significant resistance can be mustered. The members seem to be a surreal mix of absolute rebelious savagery, and prim propriety.

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The Headshot Troll

Posts : 542
Join date : 2012-01-15

PostSubject: Re: Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands   Mon May 27, 2013 11:53 pm

Band Name: The Base Droppers

Leader(s): DJ Maxxy

Music type: Dubstep

Location: The Base Droppers' active hub is a disturbingly high tech 'town' called Club RUSH. Club RUSH is thought to be the sum total of a nearly unthinkable amount of drugs, an incredibly high average populus IQ, and the innovation that comes from combining the two.

Band Profile: After Nearly cornering the market in Caravan raiding, the Base Droppers have earned their reputation for being powerfull, destructive, and a whole lot of crazy. That said, they are also the only band on record having taken hostages, bringing them back to their camp, and giving them free food and more beer than absolutely nessasary. They get a lot of converts like that.

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PostSubject: Re: Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands   

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Bass Line: Battle Of The Bands
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