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 Damien Grey from DRYH

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PostSubject: Damien Grey from DRYH   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:47 pm

My name is: Damien Jacob Grey

And i am: About 19, pretty tall, with a mane of black hair. I keep myself fit, but i admit I haven't exactly had time in the mad city to lift weights. Ive got red eyes now, which i like, and a double row of sharp teeth in my mouth, which i don't.

What has been keeping you awake?: At first it was finding my friend Dave, nightmares about him dying here, but since I've been here so long, it's my own reflection, my own faults. I don't know if ill ever sleep again...I'm pretty sure i don't want to anyway.

What just happened to you?: I Came into the mad city after i saw my friend get his arm ripped off by a nightmare, and pulled through a mirror... About a month later with no sleep, and i broke the mirror....and saw the door behind it.

What is on the surface?: I'm cool collected and i guess a bit snarky. I don't care about what other people think, and hey, why should i? I'm a shark mouthed bad-ass right?

What lies beneath?: I would never tell anyone, but i cant stand myself anymore...i was supposed to have self image problems before i came I'm a freaking monster, and i don't know why i keep going...still, i have to live day to day, so i might as well enjoy it while i can...

What is your path?: Dave is alive, i know it, and even if i become what i hate to do it...i will get him out of here....its my fault he was taken, and its my responsibility to help....even if it fucking kills me.

Exhaustion: Adrenaline; Sure, some people get bursts of power in times of great stress. You can't go a week without hearing about some 'heroic' mother flipping a car off her kid, but what if you could just... Turn it on. Well, This guy can. Don't get punched.

Madness: Chompy; The dentist's worst nightmare rises. Sharp ass teeth in a mouth that is just a little bit too wide. What is that good for? well... Depends how picky an eater you are.

1-2: Take a bite out of the competition. No figure of speech can match the horror that a clockwork policeman will feel when he realizes that you just bit right through his steel body.

3-4: Sometimes you just have to sit down and take stock of a situation. Of course in Damian's case, this often equates to sitting down to dinner. The main course is the enemy, and he's about to Kirby a motherfucker.

5-6: Everybody's gotta eat. It's just a fact of life. Of course sometimes somebody has to eat everybody, and most of the time, Damien is that someone.


Fight: 3
Flight: 0

Your Curse: You've eaten things that no-one could imagine. You've tasted the sweetest and most bitter things. You've chomped down on buildings and beings, but it's all starting to taste the same What's more, you are what you eat, or at least, you're starting to be. You begin to get bigger, and bigger. The windows of buildings you've eaten start to show your inner turmoil, and, of course, you eat more things to deal with it, but it's getting more and more unbearable. the people that you've eaten tend to pop in unexpectedly, or, perhaps, pop out, with the sheer volume of you. Finally, you are as tall as a skyscraper, a mass of billboards and faces, and words. You should have stopped while you were ahead, because now you're the "Consumer Culture". Always chasing the next meal, to be the next big thing.


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PostSubject: Re: Damien Grey from DRYH   Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:07 pm

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Damien Grey from DRYH
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