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 Maxwell from Digital Decay

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PostSubject: Maxwell from Digital Decay   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:29 pm

Maxwell Danger Smiles

Maxwell, also known as the current (Usurper) ruler of hell, starts with a few extra points, in this case he begins with 50.

Strength - 25
Speed - 6
Luck - 1
Perception - 6
Imagination - 100 (Maxwell will imagine your shit straight into the core of the sun....if he gets angry enough.)
Determination - 2

HP = 250
Rank = Lord high officer (rank 5)
Race = Unknown

*BRAIN FUZZIES: Maxwell causes opponents in a small range around him to see little but flashing patches of static, causing dizziness, and Seizures (Seizures only in the epileptic. Headaches in most others.)

*END OF ETERNITY: Maxwell Throws off his simple demonic form for a moment, causing the affected to momentarily glimpse the vast unbeing that is the white void. Primary damage is minimal, only a +4 attack bonus, but those hit are struck with Voidburn, which does ever escalating damage, ripping apart the opponents physical form, until treated by someone trained to counter it's effects.

*BLIND ABSOLUTION: Maxwell lets the full power of the white void ripple through him, rampaging through the area, and reducing all to concept and thought. After it's use, Maxwell is reduced to 1/4 of whatever his former health was, and gets -4 to all rolls until he has either rested, or taken a full dose of his "Crazy Pills".

*WARPED MIND: Maxwell gets -2 to all Insight and speech rolls, but gets +4 to all imagination and perception rolls.

*MINDFORM ELITE: Any imagination techniques used on or around Maxwell are given either a +6 or a -6. (Cannot be used on Own techniques until imagination is equal to 51+)

*IMAGUS(4): Any effect that would cause Maxwell to take damage from a damage source Is subject to a thorns debuff that negates that damage and rebounds it (Base bonus modifier) on any number of targets divided accordingly. Maxwell can absorb ambient imaginative energy to heal or otherwise power himself up.

*SILVER HAMMER: When being performed in mid-air above an enemy, Maxwell's Scythe attacks cause an additional area of effect shock-wave that does physical crushing damage to all hostile characters it hits. Being directly hit with this attack will instantly kill the target IF IT IS AT OR BELOW 10 HP.

HOWL: Maxwell can summon the power of the wolf mother (now infused with the white void) to create a blizzard of void-burn inducing destruction. It takes some time for her to reform after this.

IMMATERIAL MATERIAL: Maxwell gets a +5 to dodge checks

* An immensely powerful Imagimancer.
* A good commander and strategist.
* A first rate chemist and unofficial drug mixer.

* Insane.
* A first class egotist, with antisocial tendencies.
* Addicted to most everything hardcore.
* Low ability in any type of mechanical matters.

*Crazy Pills: A glut of compacted drugs made into a powder and mixed with distilled voidborn essence…Maxwell calls it the only “True” high in the world… No one else has survived taking one intact enough to comment.
*Everything else.

*Void pockets (who knows what’s in them? A grand piano for one, but he can’t figure out how to get it out without hurting himself.)
Appearance: Look up there, IE usually in a much more crazy and odd outfit.

Personality: Maxwell is that boss that you really like and really hate a lot at the same time. He is lazy irresponsible and, seemingly, a complete asshole. This being said, he is also the type of person that gives you a random raise and an 8ball of cocaine for bringing him just the right kind of orange juice. He is spontaneous and insane, and when it comes down to it, who could ask for more? (“I cou-“ “SHUT UP YOU!)

A little bit of history: Little of Maxwell’s history is known, save that he appeared one day as the personnel manager of hell, and has since gone on a few odd expeditions, eventually leaving Satan locked in his office so he wouldn’t have to do stupid fetch quests. Fin.

* Master Scythe of The Void: This scythe has a base melee damage of 20 if not enchanted. It is meant to be a vehicle for imagination attacks. Enchantments can be "imagined" onto the scythe and will be effective for 1 hour after being placed. This scythe ignores armor.

THE WHIP: So named for the fact that it can be drawn without expending any type of turn time.

Bullets fired from this gun are imbued with power relevant to the person pulling the trigger. It does extra crit damage and has some pretty excellent base damage to boot.

   20 base dmg
   +5 to all crits
   Bullet effect damage is determined by imagination stat


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PostSubject: Re: Maxwell from Digital Decay   Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:10 pm

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Maxwell from Digital Decay
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