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PostSubject: Drev from Xeroth   Drev from Xeroth I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 12:49 am

Drev Kalmax
Drev from Xeroth Devid_10
|+ I never said I wanted to be God's disciple +|

Race: Flesh Guardian
Age: 232
Gender: Male
Class: That one guy who never talks, but always shows up mysteriously when shit is about to go down.

"Can you even see with that silly hood over your face?"
|+ With just a look they shook, and heavens bowed before him +|

Beneath that hood is sandy-brown hair, pale skin, and ice gray eyes. He is relatively tall, about 6'3'', and of sturdy build. If for some reason you see his chest, you'll notice the huge scar that runs from his left shoulder down to his right hip.

He politely declines to explain that scar. Don't press, he's got a goddamn greatsword strapped to his back and it isn't for show.

"So what's with tall, dark, and mental?"
|+ Just a drunken trickster with the world at his fingertips +|

Drev has been around for quite some time, and he knows how the world works. He has studied Concept Energy and various forms of magic. He has worked tirelessly on controlling his Form. He is always looking to learn more about the world, which is good because there are always new things to be learned.

Although he doesn't talk much, he's confident and witty when he does. He knows what he can do, and he doesn't need to prove it or show it off.

Despite being quite powerful, Drev is a merciful man. He is fond of second chances, but he's not afraid to simply decapitate you if you blow it. He feels pity, but he doesn't neccesarily act on it.

"What's your story, anyway?"
|+ A life that soon won't be +|

Very little is known about Drev, the man born before the world supposedly started. He'll tell you that he was born before time was a solid concept, but time still isn't a solid concept.

What IS known about him is that he is a powerful Guardian who frequents the taverns of Spiral Falls simply because he can. You may, in fact, want to check your privelage before brawling with him. He'll only warn you once before knocking you out through the wall.

"Well, well, well..."
|+ Raining blood from a lacerated sky +|

"What the hell is that?" The boy whispered, still pressed against the back wall of the cavern.

Floating in the center of the cave was a large orb. It looked as if it were made of liquid, swirling red and black. It seemed to be dripping into a red-tinted spring of water just beneath it.

Another boy appeared next to the first, squinting through the darkness. Both the orb and the water gave off a very dim glow, but it wasn't nearly enough to see comfortably by.
"Dunno. Do you think that's the treasure?"
"How are we supposed to take it, then?"

"You don't." It sounded as if the wind had spoken these words, but it was loud and echoing.

Both boys jumped at the voice, ready to run if need be. But running wouldn't be very effective. After all, the Guardian of the Well of Master Control is an excellent host.

"You're inside out."
|+ I was graced with the pain of the divines +|

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