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 Calamity from Digital Decay

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PostSubject: Calamity from Digital Decay   Calamity from Digital Decay I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 6:15 am

Calamity from Digital Decay Animeg10

Strength - 17
Speed - 10
Luck - 5
Perception - 41
Imagination - 6
Determination - 10

HP = 150
Rank = Officer (Rank 5)
Race = Superhuman (As far as she is aware)

* MIRROR EFFECT: Making it appear as though there are several Mirror Copies of her all around, moving in panicked, jerky movements, the enemy loses some perception and Escape Attempts gain +5

* BLAST BACK: What the hell did you do? Well, either way Calamity is upset with you. Her eyes go white and her hand extends. A thin film of red static forms over her palm and in the next turn (her Dodge Attempts are given a -2 effect) a fiery explosion rocks the surrounding 20 feet. The closer you are to her when she does this, the higher the damage. Those at 18-19 feet are hit for 3 impact damage and those at 20 take 1 damage no matter what. Those 0-10 feet away are instantly killed.

* ???: Calamity never remembers what happens when she gets really, really angry...All she knows is that she's get pissed and a little ball of white static forms in her palm, spitting off little sparks, and then she goes unconscious. Can only be used once a day, knocks Calamity out for 1 turn, kills every Hostile character in the area, slightly damages non-hostile characters.

* TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED AUGMENTED: Calamity can manipulate most technology and if given some time she can hard wire any command console in the building. This is mainly because she has (rather recently) surgically removed most of her organs and replaced them with various gizmos in order to plug herself into the system quite literally.

* PARANOIA: Calamity's speed and perception are both boosted by 3 whenever a perception check succeeds.

* RESEARCH: Equipment brought back to Calamity can be forfeitted for the duration of a campaign in order to unlock stupidly powerful upgrades from them. Can only be done once per item. She's thorough. If it's there she found it the first time asshole, no scamming the system.

* Approaching things strategically
* Patience (She has to be, working with Maxwell and all...)
* Hacking

* Strength-based combat (both using it and defending against it)
* Melee weapons in general
* Becomes easily attached to people and things (empathy)

* Cocaine (+4 Determination for 5 turns, +1 Perception for 5 turns)
-Cravings: Determination -4, Perception -4 until satisfied.
* Cigarettes (Steadies her hands to improve aiming, causing +3 damage with guns)
-Cravings: Makes all long-range attacks fail until satisfied. *Must have 2 a day to prevent cravings*

* Headset (Connects to the control room allowing for voice commands and continuous monitoring of the building.)
* String Bag backpack (can hold 10 reasonably sized items)
* (in exchange for the daggers) 1 Hellfire Sniper Rifle - A high powered rifle with a very unique ability. The bullets are made of a diamond-like substance and set fire to anything they hit. The bullets can only be bought from
* .44 Magnum (In a holster on her belt)
IN BAG: 5 "servings" of Cocaine, 1 notebook, 3 pens, 1 pack cigarettes (contains 10 currently)

Appearance: Refer to picture.

Personality: Highly tolerant (as you have to be working with Maxwell Smiles), generally seems tired, apathetic. Calamity has been through so much, seen so much, worked with Maxwell for so long...Not much phases her anymore. In a perpetual state of "I'll take it as it comes", Calamity is one of the most adaptable people you'll ever meet. She approaches everything with logic first and emotion later. But her constant need to approach things logically is exactly why she's so paranoid. She questions EVERYTHING (except Maxwell, she's given up on doing that entirely) and it drives her insane. Despite holding such a high office in Hell, she's pretty humble about it. Unless of course someone needs to be put in their place, in which case she has no quarrels with pulling out her badge and gouging your eyes out with the pin end of it. Prone to depression fits, but they've gotten better since she took office.

A little bit of history: Calamity was never really happy with her life. Always depressed, always searching for a reason to live. One day she decided she'd had enough of that. She went travelling, seeing the world from a different angle. Unfortunately she was caught in the middle of a war zone during her travels and was injured, forcing her to return home. She fell prey to depression again. She locked herself in her room. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep. And she conciously faded into the void. Literally. Coming in contact with the white void, she merged with it slightly, giving her partial control over it rather than having it consume and destroy her. So when she got to Satan's door, he had no idea why she was there. The only "bad" thing about her was that she was depressed and no longer human. And that's when she met Maxwell and became second in charge.

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PostSubject: Re: Calamity from Digital Decay   Calamity from Digital Decay I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2012 3:02 am


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Calamity from Digital Decay
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