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 Feedback from Bassline

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The Headshot Troll

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PostSubject: Feedback from Bassline   Feedback from Bassline I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2012 1:01 am

Name: Guy De-Sorantos Aka Everyman, Aka Feedback

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Base Type: Pure Sound

Natural Abilities: Not really very good at anything in particular. A fairly good runner, bit of a jack of all trades. Extremely good at going unnoticed. Cooks some damn good french toast.

Maestro Abilities:

Passive- Guy is incredibly resilient to pretty much everything that enacts itself upon him. Unfortunately this goes for both beneficial and harmfull things.

Low- If any force or abilaty enacts itself upon guy directly, he is able to give it some amount of "feedback" absorbing and amplifying the power internaly, and releasing it when he feels it is nessasary.

Mid- Those around Guy find it rather hard to stabalise and use their power, as it is naturaly drawn towards guy like a magnet. Anything acting upon guy at this stage is in serious danger, as he is far less easygoing when he is angry.

End All- You shouldn't have pissed off the everyman. Guy absorbs all forces around him like a black hole, and becomes a fine tuned nucleaqr bomb, that can aim. Of course, that's only if his suroundings are highly powered.

Base: Guy is the definition of a dynamo battery. The more energy around him, the more powerfull he is.
Blaast: Guy doesn't really have a name for his Blaast. It isusualy triggered by him coming into contact with something that would otherwise be fatal. At these points, he generaly just says something laced with explicatives, and utterly destroys absolutely anything that tries to affect him. Given that he is funtioning as a massive amplifier, Guy getting hit by a powerfull attack in this state can very quickly become deadly for the one who attacked in the first place.

History: Guy grew up in a fairly normal family, middle class with few friends. He was a fairly shy kid, and enjoyed few things more than just sitting around, playing some videogames, and chilling. This was cut somewhat short by the arrival of a hostile force on planet earth. Many things have happened to guy since then, very few of them notable. Being simeltaniously one of the most powerfull and the least powerfull things on the planet can tent to make one a bit reluctant to deal with others.

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The Headshot Whore

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PostSubject: Re: Feedback from Bassline   Feedback from Bassline I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2012 1:04 am

Approved and admired.
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Feedback from Bassline
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